Thursday, August 15, 2013

The seven year itch

Jason and I planned on going to dinner for our anniversary.  Mom and Myron were going to come up to watch the kids for us.  Jason got up Saturday morning and went to run a few errands, he was gone for about an hour and he came home with the most beautiful flowers.  He then told me how many places he had to go to find them, I guess it was quite the challenge.  We exchanged gifts in the afternoon when we had a quiet moment to ourselves.  Caitlin was sleeping and the boys were outside playing.  Jason completely spoiled me he got me a fun necklace I had asked for a while ago but had forgotten about, he also got me a Kate Spade purse, and a cake pop maker.  I seriously felt so spoiled it was nice.  I was a little nervous with what I got him, I was pretty sure he was going to he happy with it but sometimes you never know.  I gave him an exotic car drive where he gets to drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.  He seemed pretty thrilled with it so I was happy.  I also had gone to Kneaders and gotten us our favorite chunky cinnamon bread to make French toast and then I got him 7 different treats for our 7 years together.   We went to dinner at Tepanyaki and it was so yummy as usual.  We have been going there a lot lately it has been a fun change.