Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trains, Trains, and more Trains

So yesterday I decided that I was going to take the boys to ride Frontrunner to Ogden and then go to the Union Station so they could see trains.  To say that they were excited was an understatement, Noah kept saying ride choo, ride choo (choo equals train in Noah's mind, he can say train but he still says choo).  We found the station in Woods Cross and proceeded to head over and try and get our tickets.  We had about 15 mins till the train arrived but it took that whole time to get our tickets.  Something was wrong with  the machine and it wouldn't take any money I tried, a couple other people tried, then it worked for a minute then it didn't work again.  So it was a close call at the end to get our tickets but we finally did.  On a side note I discovered that with my one way ticket you can have two children under 5 ride for free, so that was awesome. 

It was a 40 min ride up to Ogden with about 5 stops along the way, at each stop the boys had to ask if this was our stop.  Noah loved looking out the window and we even had a race with another train, which we won and that thrilled the boys beyond belief. 

Once we got to Ogden we had a short little walk to the train station, Ashton was so excited to climb on the old trains, Noah I thought would also love it but it took him a while to warm up to them and finally want to climb on one.  I think the size of the trains were a little intimidating for Noah.  There were a bunch of old trains and engines that they could climb on and check out. 

Once we had our fill of them outside we headed inside to check out the museum, we discovered there was a fee and I wasn't sure if the boys would be good and like what was inside so I decided not to pay to get into the museum, we checked out the gift shops and the boys got to press a penny and we also found a train store that they had a Percy and Rosie train that got to come home with us.  It was lunch time by now and I had brought some snacks along with me but they had a restaurant so we stopped and had lunch.  We got a seat right in front of the windows so we could watch the trains that went by. 

After lunch we went back outside and the boys wanted to walk on the tracks and check out some more trains, they had so much fun just walking on the tracks it was awesome to just let them go and follow them with the camera.  One day I will be able to get both of them to look at the camera so I can have some cute pictures of both of them until that day I have to be happy with what I get.  Finally it was time to head back home, we walked back to the Frontrunner stop, and the train was waiting for us we got on board and had about 20 mins to wait till the train left, the boys just played with their new trains the whole time. 

While I was sitting there watching the boys play, I thought back to how much fun we all day, there was no fighting, no arguing, Ashton gave me a little attitude while we were leaving he wanted to go and see the museum (shocker) but we needed to get home so Noah could have a nap.  So we will plan to come back and do the museum next time.  But the day was a total success, we all had a great time and got to do something new close to home.  We got home and Noah went down for a nap, he slept for 3 hours, so we definitely wore him out good.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 8, 9, and 10

So Monday I actually didn't do much at all, we went to Target to see if they had anymore awesome deals like I had found down in Orem, they didn't so we got the few things that we needed, then we headed back home.  I wasn't in the mood to go anywhere or anything so by dinner time I knew the boys were a little stir crazy so we went and got dinner and went to the park to eat and to let the boys play, while we were there I got a text from Korie and they were headed to the Rec center to go swimming and wanted to know if we wanted to come along.  So we quickly ate dinner and then headed home to get our suits and headed back to the rec center.  The boys had a blast, they got to play and us up all their energy and I got to visit with Korie.  We headed home and the boys went to bed and were asleep almost immediately, I love when that happens. 

Tuesday is our neighborhood park day, so we went to the park and the boys had a blast as usual, we went to Nicholas Park in Kaysville.  I called it the castle park and the boys had so much fun they played and played they were pretty tired when we left.  Noah came home and went down for a nap.  Ashton got invited to Micah's house around 3pm so when Noah woke up we went over there and the boys played.  It is funny to watch how different kids all interact together.  They went outside to play baseball for a while, Ashton didn't really understand very well and wasn't interested in playing at all.  Noah just wanted to play with all the trains that Jenny got out for him to play with.  There of course was major meltdown when we had to leave.  Noah of course threw a huge fit, but then Ashton decided he needed to cry to, it was really annoying.  I knew I needed to mow the lawn but I just didn't want to so I didn't I know I will regret this but oh well.  I had the boys make some signs for Jason for him coming home tomorrow, i decided to be inside with signs and balloons for him when he gets home to surprise him.

Wednesday, Jason comes home today, hooray we are all excited it is also our 5th year anniversary.  I have to say the best gift I got was the fact that Jason was home.  We got up and got ready and I cleaned up the house and we headed to get balloons and a few little presents for Jason, I got him five of his favorite foods/treats in honor of our 5 year anniversary.  I also got him some daisies, they are the 5 year flower after all :)  We headed to the airport and timed it just perfect, Jason sent a text that they had landed right as I was pulling into the parking garage.  We got inside and waited not even 5 mins before we saw him walking to the baggage carousel.  The boys were so excited to see Daddy and so was mommy. 

We went to Red Iguana for some lunch before heading home.  We all ended up taking a nap for a little while, then we headed to the park to let the boys play.  We went to the new park out in Foxborro, with the splash pad the boys played in the water and then on the park, we had fun for a couple hours till it was time to go home and have some dinner. It was a low key day but it was perfect I was just thrilled to have Jason home with us.  Ten days is just way to long to be a single parent.  Happy 5th Anniversary Babe, I love you the most!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 5, 6,7

Okay so I got a little behind in my posting everyday so Jason would know what we were up to while he was in Brazil, but in my defense I did go camping and I wasn't about to bring my laptop to blog while we were gone.  So Thursday we left and headed up to Wasatch State Park up in Heber, it is so beautiful there, I followed Dad up in my car while he drove the RV with the 4 wheelers, behind him.  We got there and got settled and then we roasted hot dogs for dinner.  The boys were so excited to be camping they were having so much fun going in and out of the RV and just exploring all around. 

We woke up Fri and I made breakfast and then got a few things packed and headed out on the 4 wheelers, we headed up snake creek canyon and unloaded the 4 wheelers and headed out.   Last year Noah was deathly afraid of them and wasn't going to go anywhere near them, but this year he was thrilled to ride.  We rode to Cascade Springs, I had Noah with me and Ashton was riding with Dad and Val on the other one.  Noah loved the 4 wheelers, a few times I had to slow down a bit and he would say "faster mommy, go"  if it got bumpy he would laugh and tell me "bumpy".  We got off and walked around Cascade Springs, and that was also beautiful, I had never been there at least that I could remember anyways.  When we left we switched kids so Ashton rode with me and Noah with Grandpa and Nana or (Nanny as Noah calls her).  We stopped at Little Deer Creek campground to have a snack before heading home, and some guy came by and needed some help so dad and Val went to help and the boys and I stayed behind, they had fun playing and made friends with another little boy there camping.  Finally they made it back and we headed on our way.  Val was driving with Noah in front of her and Dad as a passenger and we rode for quite a while before we had to stop, Noah had fallen asleep in Val's arm and she had one wrapped around Noah and she needed to switch places and have dad drive.  We had so much fun it was so beautiful and green I loved every minute of it, well I take that back the dirt and dust in my face the whole way wasn't awesome, but it is the price you pay being in the back. 

we relaxed for a while in camp and then Dad and I went to the driving range and Val took the boys to the park, the boys ended up in the water and soaking wet when we went to pick them, up it was a good thing we had extra clothes.  Ashton kept saying how he wanted to go fishing and when I told him we didn't have a fishing pole he got really really sad.  That was when grandpa said he had a fishing pole and that they could go fishing tomorrow, so then he was better.  I was so grateful that Dad and Val were willing to take us camping it was the perfect distraction while Jason was gone. 

Sat we got up and had breakfast and then headed to the pond down the road for some fishing.  Ashton was pretty thrilled and excited about fishing and I am surprised how long that lasted, he sat for a long time waiting and waiting.  Noah on the other hand had to try it and he sat for a few minutes then he was playing and he couldn't stop reeling in the line.  So he went off and played with Nanny.  We unfortunately didn't catch a fish we had a few bites and almosts but in the end left empty handed but that was okay I wasn't about to eat any fish anyways. 

We headed back to camp and got everything packed up and headed home.  I drove the expo home with the trailer behind me, I was a little nervous at first I had never done that before but it worked out just fine.  We had so much fun camping and I seriously can't wait to go again, if only Jason was more of a fan!  We unloaded everything and got it loaded back in my car and the boys and I headed to mom's house.  We were going to stay the night there I was going to help her with a little project.  No one was home when we got there, Ashton found this new play house outside that mom had just bought and he was pretty excited about it.  I told the boys " I don't know where grandma was" Ashton said " Maybe grandma is out buying more stuff for us"  I laughed and said maybe, that boy is too smart for his own good.  Anyways I got the boys settled with a movie and I got in the shower, and got some laundry started. 
We spent the rest of the day playing outside, the boys were in the pool, and grandpa and Josh put the new little playhouse together.  Mom decided that the boys needed a bigger pool so off we went to get them a bigger one, one store ended up being three stores but we did find a good one.  Later that night Myron was a good sport and watch the boys while mom and I went and got pedicures, this makes for two months in a row that we have gotten pedicures, i could totally get use to this again. 

Sunday mom offered to take the boys with them to church so I took her up on that offer that let me have 3 hours of wonderful, peaceful me time.  I ended up going to Target and trying on a bunch of clothes, and shoes, and I even stumbled on some great sales with stuff 80% off so I felt like I scored.  We spent the day there and we headed home around 8:00, things were good and I was in a good mood, then we got home.  I opened the door and I was hit by this wave of heat.  It was 92 degrees in the house, and the a/c unit was frozen up.  I had to turn it off and open all the windows and turn the fan on.  I was immediately in an awful mood, I was even mad at Jason for minute because he wasn't home to take care of this for me.  Anyways I ended up going to Walmart (only because Kmart and Target were closed) at 9:45pm to get a couple of fans to help get us through the night.  I put the boys in one room with a fan and I got a fan.  I ended up not going to bed till midnight and I was able to turn the a/c back on but the house was still 89 degrees so it was still awfully hot.  It took all night to cool the house down, it was still 74 degrees when we woke up normally it is 68 degrees (we like it cold to sleep at night).  I was grateful it was something simple and I was able to fix it but it still sucked to come home to that. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 4

So today has been the hardest for me so far, the boys are driving me crazy they keep fighting over this stupid dollar toy from the dollar store.  Noah won't stop screaming and if anyone had heard his high pitch scream they understand how awful it is listening to that on a regular basis.

So anyways it is a good thing that we are leaving to go camping this afternoon as soon as Noah wakes up from his nap.  The boys are both pretty excited and I have to say I am too. 

Also it has been a little sad I haven't really been able to talk to Jason, we tried Tuesday but the connection was horrible, and I didn't hear from him at all yesterday.  We tried to talk again today but I was at Target when he called and the connection was so spotty it was awful.  I would love to be able to just have a simple conversation with him to get caught up. It funny how when you can't do something that is the one thing that you really really want.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day three

So this morning I woke up and Ashton and I got up had some breakfast and headed downstairs to watch some shows, all while Noah was still sleeping.  I let Ash choose a show to watch while I proceeded to delete over 1000 pictures from my phone so I could put another app on it.  For some reason I got extremely tired and ended up  falling asleep.  I didn't wake up until Noah woke up about 40 mins later.  We all had a lazy morning, then headed out for some lunch and a little shopping. 

We are still working on our summer to do list and so today we headed to the dollar store and I let the them each pick a prize.  Noah picked a red star balloon, Ashton picked this little fishing pole and all was happy till we got home.  Then Noah decided that he wanted the fishing pole, sometimes I wonder about these children, they fight over the dumbest $1 toys. 

After nap time we met up with some new friends at the park and after playing for about an hour we all went and got some dinner and headed to their house to eat and let the kids play.  Then it was off for some shaved ice and then home for baths and bedtime. 

I started packing for our camping trip we are leaving for tomorrow night.  I am excited it should be fun, I thought this would be a great time to go while Jason is gone, he doesn't like camping and the boys and I do.  So we get to go and it will be a good distraction to keep us busy for the weekend. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ya for friends

So I figured that today we needed to do some fun things for the boys seeings how yesterday we spent all day cleaning.  We were suppose to go to the park with a neighborhood group park day, but it was raining and I wasn't in the mood to be at the park in the rain.  So I called Korie and we went to her house, the boys were thrilled they had a blast playing.  When we couldn't take them running all over the house anymore we all piled in their van and put on a movie for them stopped at Wendy's and got them lunch and proceeded to drive around looking at houses for 2 hours.  Now that may seem boring but, the boys were strapped in car seats, the screaming was kept to a minimum so all was good. 

Then we got back to Korie's house and the boys just wanted to run and play, and that is what they did for about 2 1/2 hours.  I knew that the minute we got in the car both boys would crash and they did.  They slept for the ride home about 15 mins.  I am hoping that they will both go to bed early tonight :)  (on a side note looking at Noah's car seat it totally looks like it isn't attached and I know it is, it must be the angle of the picture)

I got to briefly talk to Jason he sounded really tired.  We downloaded an app called Viber, it wasn't awesome but it allows us to talk and send free text messages.  After it not working I tried to download Skype on my phone but I don't have enough space on my phone to do so, I am not sure if that is a bad thing or not.  I will have to be deleting somethings on my phone tonight so I can get skype downloaded and we can talk tomorrow better. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Daily updates

So Jason left today for Brazil, he will be gone for 10 days so I thought that while he was gone I would make an attempt to update what we have been doing everyday so Jason will have an idea as to what we did while he was gone. 

We dropped Jason off at the airport and headed to Costco, we needed diapers and wipes.  The boys wanted to eat lunch there so we did.  We headed home and while I was putting everything away, Ashton said he needed to have a little nap it was almost 1:00 so I figured sure whatever, so he laid down and so did Noah.  Ashton slept for about and 1 1/2 and woke up and hung out with me till Noah woke up. 

For dinner we had a picnic outside and when the boys finished I decided since it was overcast and a little bit cooler I would get the lawn mowed it was really long.  The boys played around while I was mowing and when I was finished we went and got a shaved ice. Ashton got his usual orange, so did Noah, I got a grape.  Noah ended up throwing a fit over something stupid and only ate about half his shaved ice.  Then we headed to the grocery store for a few things, the nit was home and to bed for the boys. 

Overall it was a good day, so once day down only 9 more to go.  We miss you Daddy!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kids workshop

 The first saturday of the month Home Depot has these kids workshops, that the kids get an apron with their name, and get to make a little project and when finished they get a pin and a certificate.  We remembered about it last saturday at about 8:30 in the morning, so we hurried and got ready and off we went to Home depot.  The boys had a lot of fun, Jason helped Ashton with his project and I helped Noah.  Jason actually made Ashton do most of his by himself and only helped him a little when necessary.  I mostly did Noah's he did help with the hammering from time to time.

I tried to get him to smile and this is what I got, someday he will understand the sooner he cooperates the sooner mom will put down the camera.

Nice nose picking buddy!

Of course no outing would be complete without a melt down from Noah