Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trains, Trains, and more Trains

So yesterday I decided that I was going to take the boys to ride Frontrunner to Ogden and then go to the Union Station so they could see trains.  To say that they were excited was an understatement, Noah kept saying ride choo, ride choo (choo equals train in Noah's mind, he can say train but he still says choo).  We found the station in Woods Cross and proceeded to head over and try and get our tickets.  We had about 15 mins till the train arrived but it took that whole time to get our tickets.  Something was wrong with  the machine and it wouldn't take any money I tried, a couple other people tried, then it worked for a minute then it didn't work again.  So it was a close call at the end to get our tickets but we finally did.  On a side note I discovered that with my one way ticket you can have two children under 5 ride for free, so that was awesome. 

It was a 40 min ride up to Ogden with about 5 stops along the way, at each stop the boys had to ask if this was our stop.  Noah loved looking out the window and we even had a race with another train, which we won and that thrilled the boys beyond belief. 

Once we got to Ogden we had a short little walk to the train station, Ashton was so excited to climb on the old trains, Noah I thought would also love it but it took him a while to warm up to them and finally want to climb on one.  I think the size of the trains were a little intimidating for Noah.  There were a bunch of old trains and engines that they could climb on and check out. 

Once we had our fill of them outside we headed inside to check out the museum, we discovered there was a fee and I wasn't sure if the boys would be good and like what was inside so I decided not to pay to get into the museum, we checked out the gift shops and the boys got to press a penny and we also found a train store that they had a Percy and Rosie train that got to come home with us.  It was lunch time by now and I had brought some snacks along with me but they had a restaurant so we stopped and had lunch.  We got a seat right in front of the windows so we could watch the trains that went by. 

After lunch we went back outside and the boys wanted to walk on the tracks and check out some more trains, they had so much fun just walking on the tracks it was awesome to just let them go and follow them with the camera.  One day I will be able to get both of them to look at the camera so I can have some cute pictures of both of them until that day I have to be happy with what I get.  Finally it was time to head back home, we walked back to the Frontrunner stop, and the train was waiting for us we got on board and had about 20 mins to wait till the train left, the boys just played with their new trains the whole time. 

While I was sitting there watching the boys play, I thought back to how much fun we all day, there was no fighting, no arguing, Ashton gave me a little attitude while we were leaving he wanted to go and see the museum (shocker) but we needed to get home so Noah could have a nap.  So we will plan to come back and do the museum next time.  But the day was a total success, we all had a great time and got to do something new close to home.  We got home and Noah went down for a nap, he slept for 3 hours, so we definitely wore him out good.