Monday, August 8, 2011

What were we thinking, and random updates

So two weekends ago, we needed to get out of the house so I thought we should go on a hike.  I packed lunches for us and some water and off we headed to go hike Stewart Falls up above Sundance.  The boys had had so much fun on our little hike over the 4th of July I thought that they would do great, well that was just wishful thinking.  We didn't even get out of the parking lot before Noah was throwing a fit and not wanting to go, we finally managed to get him under control and we were on our way.  The hike is 3 miles round trip so I wasn't really sure how the boys would do, once we got going things were okay and they did alright.  I did have to stop and give Noah a little snack to keep him going and he wanted to be carried for a while, Ashton kept complaining that he legs hurt but we just kept going.  This was almost an awesome family picture, but I figure three out of the four isn't bad, Noah doesn't cooperate much for pictures anyways.  I had brought the big camera with me but left it on the car because I decided I didn't want to carry it, so all I had was my phone, but it does take decent pictures at least.

We finally made it to the falls and we all sat and ate our lunch and rested for a while, the boys wanted to get in the water but I didn't think that was a very good idea, I didn't want them to be all muddy on the way back to the car.  The way back they were not as cooperative as I had hoped Noah was stopping about every 5 mins to sit down and throw rocks, and Ashton kept complaining about his legs hurting.  Finally Jason put Noah on his shoulders and I held Ashton's hand and practically dragged him down the hill.  I let him walk on his own for a while, but he kept going slower and slower we would of never got done.  I am glad that we took them and went but I think it might of been a little too much for a first hike.  We made it back to the car just in time for it to start raining.  We decided to drive the Alpine Loop home since we had to pay to go hiking we decided to make the most of our pass we had just paid for.  It was a beautiful drive I just wish it hadn't been raining so we could of seen more. 

So in the end I think we are going to call this outing a success, yes there was some screaming and crying and some attitude but that is pretty normal for our family, and the boys did say when we got home that they had fun so that is what matters.

This last weekend Ashton got to go with my dad and val to Arizona to visit family.  My dad had called and asked if the boys and I wanted to go but I had a wedding cake that I was making on Friday so I couldn't go.  He called me back a day later and said he wanted to take Ashton with him, I asked Ash if he wanted to go and he thought about it for a minute and said he did.  So I got him all packed up and dad came and got him Wed night and they left Thursday morning.  Dad sent me a picture Friday and he looked so happy on that horse.  When we went and got him Sunday, both Dad and Val said how good he was and how much fun they had with him.  I remember getting to spend one on one time with my grandparents when I was growing up so I am thrilled that my boys are getting the same thing.

So while Ashton was gone Noah was getting his own one on one attention first with mom and dad and also with grandma and grandpa.  My mom came and got Noah on Friday while I was making the wedding cake and I picked him up after I got it delivered.  He had so much fun playing and being the center of attention.  He was missing Ash though you could tell and we definitely had to play with him more but it was sure nice to have one child for the weekend.  I just hope that one day my boys are going to know how lucky they are to have two sets of grandparents who love them so much and are so willing to take them and spend so much time with them.