Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Boys and Dinosaurs

So with this being the last week before Ashton starts pre school again next week I decided we needed to make the most of it.  I took the boys to the Dinosaur Park up in Ogden today, they have been begging me to take them for a couple of weeks now so off we went.  I have to say I loved the fact that the place was practically deserted, it was awesome.  although the day didn't start out that way. 

We got in the car and all was good, I stopped to get a soda then we were on our way, so we were leaving the parking lot, Noah started throwing a fit, I was going the wrong way he wanted me to go in the opposite direction.  I figured I had two options I could yell at him to stop or I could pull out my phone and record him screaming so that is what I did.  I have almost 10 mins of him screaming, it started about the fact I wasn't going the way he wanted me to, then he was mad because he took off his shoes and he couldn't put them back on and he wanted me to stop the car and put them back on, then he was mad because he didn't want the shoes he had he wanted me to go home and get his flip flops.  It was awesome, let me tell you, I won't punish anyone and put the video on here even though I am seriously tempted.  I would feel bad for the damage it would do to your ears for listening to it. 

Finally he was done and we made it to the dinosaur park, we headed into the museum and saw the animatronic dinosaurs they have inside, the boys were a little scared at first.  I think that they seriously thought that they were real.  I told them they were actually robots that look like dinosaurs and suddenly they weren't scared anymore and they loved to watch them.  There was a t- rex and a triceratops and her two babies.  We sat and watched them for about 15 mins They had a bunch of rocks and other bones that the boys weren't super interested in.  Once we headed outside they had fun again. 

I had been warned that the dinosaurs outside didn't move so that was a little boring but the boys still had fun asking the names of all of them then we headed to the education building and did some puzzles and a few games before we left.  Overall the boys had fun and other than the melt down in the car they were really good. 

I thought that this one was too funny.  Poor little Noah his ears are big just like this, maybe not this big but still it put a smile on my face.

When we were done we had to leave through the gift shop, and me being me I let the boys each pick out a prize, Ashton of course went for a cute little stuffed animal, Noah all he wanted was a drink which I bought for both of them, but I could get him to decide on anything else, but I knew if we left and he didn't have anything to play with there would be lots of drama.  So we finally found something he wanted this head thing that chomps, and he seemed happy.  At least until we got in the car and all night they have been arguing over stuffed dino Ash got, of course they both want it.  By the time we left it was almost 2:00 which is past nap time so I was thrilled that Noah stayed awake the whole ride home which was about 40 mins so he still was able to have a nap.