Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So for our Easter weekend of festivities, we colored eggs on Friday the boys had so much fun with it and wished we had more than a dozen eggs to color.  But with us not really using them afterwards I figured a dozen was plenty. 

Saturday we headed down to mom's house for the annual Easter Egg Hunt that she has every year.  She use to do this for all of us kids and finally we said no more when we were all in our late twenties.  So she loves to do this for the grand kids.  She invites a bunch of kids from her neighborhood so that it isn't just Ashton and Noah.  The boys had so much fun running around and collecting eggs, my only complaint was how cold it was, it is really to  much to ask for a warm Easter? 

After the egg hunt we had lunch and let the kids all run around the backyard and the adults got to visit (I can only hope that one day I can have a nice fenced in yard that I can send my children in and let them play and not worry  about   them  getting out.  I am dreaming I know, but still it would be nice)   It was a holiday weekend so of course Jason was sick, he had been under the weather since Tuesday so it put a little damper on things for him.

This is what happens when Jason has control of the camera, he takes pics like this.  Actually this one was at least publishable, the other ones he took will not ever see the light of day if I thought I could delete them without getting in trouble I would!!

The look on Noah's face is classic Noah, he scrunches up his face like this all the time.

Jason made a new friend, the neighbors brought over their two little dogs and this one I think was tired of the kids chasing her so she jumped up in Jason's lap for a minute of peace. 

Ashton wanted to stay at grandma's house and at first I didn't want him to stay but the more I thought about it I realized that a time will come when he won't want to stay at grandma's house all the time so I am going to let him while he wants to.  We headed home with Noah and had a nice and quiet evening with just Noah, I know he was missing Ashton though he kept asking for him. 

Noah woke up and found his basket and had fun playing till we headed back down to mom's Sunday for Easter dinner, it was nice to visit and be with family like always. 

The Easter bunny found Ashton at grandma's house, which he totally loved and was pretty excited about.

After dinner we did the egg bashing which as usual was awesome, Ashton almost won again this year but Tyson beat him out in the final heat.

Later grandma let the boys rolls the eggs down the hill, which ended up in them throwing the eggs down the hill, it was so funny to watch them.  The things grandma lets them get away with. 

We tried to get a family picture but as per usual with these boys it didn't work out so well, oh well I am sure one day I will look back and think that it was so cute.

I wanted a picture of Jason and I, Jason rolled his eyes a little but he was a good sport about it in the end.

Grandma and her boys, they love spending time with her and I know that she loves spending time with them. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dinosaur Tails

So a while ago I came across this tutorial online on how to make dinosaur tails.  I immediately thought of the boys and I had to make them.  I went to the store that day and bought everything I needed.  I came home got everything cut out and then it all got shoved in a bag and I forgot about it for about a month.  Well last week I decided I finally needed to make them.  I pulled it all out and got to work, it was really pretty simple, the only thing I did different was use felt for the spikes (she actually suggested this and it worked out great).

The boys loved them, they wore them outside and Noah wouldn't take his off,  we went on a walk around the neighborhood and Noah wore his tail.  I was a little sad about that just because the tail dragged on the ground a little bit and it has almost worn a hole in the end of the tail. 

Ashton was showing me what a dinosaur sounds like

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Are you going to share?

About a month ago Jason and I decided to take the boys to the zoo.  It was a beautiful Sunday and we needed to get out of the house.  I packed a lunch for us and off we went.  It was an awesome day to be there, it wasn't too busy and the weather was nice. 

We decided to sit and have our lunch, while we were eating we made some new friends.  There were these two geese who decided that they wanted to eat with us.  One of them was really mean and would hiss at anyone who got close to him.  The other one just kept getting closer and closer to us. 

I was a little worried that the goose was going to try and take the sandwich out of Noah's hand.  I kept having to shoo it away.  I finally gave up when it wasn't working. 

When we had enough of the geese we headed off to see the rest of the zoo.  I love having a pass to the zoo it makes it so nice to go for an hour or so and then head home. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Snow

So we woke up Sunday to a ton of snow, I was not happy about it but decided that we needed to make the best of it and we all got on our snow stuff and out we went. 

There was lots of fun, laughs, and smiles, and of course there were tears.  One of these days I will stop taking pictures of my children crying but for now I still find it funny!

We threw snow balls, made snow angels, and went sledding.  I am sad to admit that this was the first time going sledding this winter.  I had tried a few other times but the boys threw fits and didn't want to go I didn't push the issue. 

We even had our neighbors come out and join in the fun for a while.  We had so much fun pushing the boys down the hills on the sleds and finally when we were all frozen we headed inside and had hot chocolate.