Saturday, August 30, 2008

Date night

My mom took Ashton camping with them this weekend so we are baby free for the whole weekend. We will go pick him up Monday afternoon. I do feel slightly guilty, but my mom has been to excited to take Ashton with them and I am not going to turn down having a whole weekend with just my hubby. I also figure once this next baby gets here it might be a little harder to pawn off two kids than one :)

Anyways we dropped Ashton off yesterday morning and then came home and just hung out at home it was nice to have a quiet house, although I did keep thinking that Ashton was going to come running into the office any minute wanting attention. Then we went to dinner at PF Changs, yummy then we headed to a movie, Tropic Thunder I thought it was pretty funny. It was an awesome night.

Then we got to sleep in this morning it was awesome, now I just need to decided what we are going to do today.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


It has been 5 nights that we have been putting Ashton to bed in his new bed. It has been going pretty good, he didn't realize that he could get out on his own until Tues night. So I had to put him back into bed twice before he would stay in bed. Then he got up once Tues night about 1am and came looking for us. He made it all the way downstairs before I found him. The next night was good he got up only once and I put him back to bed and he stayed. Tonight was sucess again at least so far. I think it has been going really well considering, lets hope it continues this way.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Boy Bed

We finally put up Ashton's big boy bed yesterday. We bought it the end of June when the Johnstons came to visit and we took a trip to IKEA. I have been hesitant to put it up because I was afraid of how it would affect Ashton's bedtime routine. Right now things are great when it is time to go to bed we put him in the crib and he lays down and that is it. He can't crawl out of it and he doesn't cry it is awesome.
Jason put the bed together yesterday and we got it all set up while Ashton was busy eating lunch when he was done eating we took him to his room, he got so excited and climbed right up in the bed and started playing. We left the crib up in his room in case things didn't go so well. When it was time to go to bed, we layed him down with his blanket and a sippy cup and said goodnight and left the room. He stayed in bed all night, we kept checking on him to make sure he was okay. This morning when he woke up he sat up and climbed out of bed and came to find us. He seemed pretty proud of himself for getting out of bed and coming to find us it was really cute.

I am really hoping that this is a good sign as to how he will make this transition and I was just worrying for nothing. I can't believe that my baby is getting so big, it makes me a little sad to think about it sometimes.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finally done, Well almost

We finally have new front steps. They came and poured them on thursday, and they came last night to take down all of the frames that were around the steps. We are almost done, now we just need them to come back and finish the sides of the steps and around the foundation. Then we need to go and get a new railing, seeings how they broke the one that we had.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Still a mess

This is what my front steps have looked like for the past TWO WEEKS

I have not been able to use the front door or most of the drive way for that amount of time either. I am so sick of this contractor I could scream. Imagine my surprise when they showed up this morning bright and early at 8:00am to work on the steps. This is what they did.

They were here for 20 mins and then they left and have not been back. I wish we all could work for 20 mins a day then call it a day that would be awesome. At this rate maybe this will be done by labor day. If I thought it would do any good I would call the guy and yell at him but at this point he is not answering my phone calls, I wonder why.

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Shed

We finally got one of our outside projects done today. We had an old tin shed on the side of our house, that leaked and didn't hold much stuff. It was just an eyesore, so we have been looking for quite a while to find a new one. We found A-Shed and were really impressed with them and the sheds and got one ordered. They came today and built it, it took them about 3 1/2 hours to build it. I am excited to have a great new space to store alot of stuff. This shed is so much bigger than our old one it will be nice.

Now if we could only get our front steps finished. Here is what they have looked like for the last week and a half.

We can't use our front door and we can only use half of the driveway. The contractor we hired has been a joke to work with. He subcontracted this out to someone else and they haven't been around at all to get the job done. He keeps telling us that he won't do a half assed job and he will get this job done right, but I have to keep calling him and asking what is going on and when the job will be finished. He is just telling me what I want to hear that someone is going to be there and they will get this job done. But then no one shows up. It is really frustrating. To top it off we have to keep the sprinklers off in the front area so that the driveway doesn't fill up with water which it has already. So now I have to water the lawn by hand so it won't die.

This is what happens when the sprinkler system is left on.