Friday, August 1, 2008

New Shed

We finally got one of our outside projects done today. We had an old tin shed on the side of our house, that leaked and didn't hold much stuff. It was just an eyesore, so we have been looking for quite a while to find a new one. We found A-Shed and were really impressed with them and the sheds and got one ordered. They came today and built it, it took them about 3 1/2 hours to build it. I am excited to have a great new space to store alot of stuff. This shed is so much bigger than our old one it will be nice.

Now if we could only get our front steps finished. Here is what they have looked like for the last week and a half.

We can't use our front door and we can only use half of the driveway. The contractor we hired has been a joke to work with. He subcontracted this out to someone else and they haven't been around at all to get the job done. He keeps telling us that he won't do a half assed job and he will get this job done right, but I have to keep calling him and asking what is going on and when the job will be finished. He is just telling me what I want to hear that someone is going to be there and they will get this job done. But then no one shows up. It is really frustrating. To top it off we have to keep the sprinklers off in the front area so that the driveway doesn't fill up with water which it has already. So now I have to water the lawn by hand so it won't die.

This is what happens when the sprinkler system is left on.