Saturday, August 30, 2008

Date night

My mom took Ashton camping with them this weekend so we are baby free for the whole weekend. We will go pick him up Monday afternoon. I do feel slightly guilty, but my mom has been to excited to take Ashton with them and I am not going to turn down having a whole weekend with just my hubby. I also figure once this next baby gets here it might be a little harder to pawn off two kids than one :)

Anyways we dropped Ashton off yesterday morning and then came home and just hung out at home it was nice to have a quiet house, although I did keep thinking that Ashton was going to come running into the office any minute wanting attention. Then we went to dinner at PF Changs, yummy then we headed to a movie, Tropic Thunder I thought it was pretty funny. It was an awesome night.

Then we got to sleep in this morning it was awesome, now I just need to decided what we are going to do today.


Ariana said...

Sleeping in sounds lovely! :) Preston has been waking up and sneaking into our bed -- he manages to do it so we don't wake up. Well, we don't wake up until he's been thrashing us for a couple hours. We end up playing musical beds...Jeff will give up and go crash in Preston's bed, or I will, or Preston will want Jeff to sleep on the floor with him...(???) It's been going on for weeks. Ugh. I wish my parents were here to babysit once in awhile! :)