Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Boys Pictures

So on Tuesday Korie called me and wanted to go and take some pic of her boys and she invited us to come along and try to get some of my boys too.  We went to Gardner Village and it was a little bit of a rocky start all the boys wanted to do was run around and play.  But we still managed to get some cute pictures (I say we but really it was all Korie.  I did take a few pictures but we quickly realized that someone needed to try and keep the boys out of trouble :) 

I haven't seen all of the pics yet they are still being edited but these are ones that Korie posted on her blog so I stole them.  I am thrilled that we got some cute ones.  I have wanted to have a professional picture of both the boys since day one, but it never happened every time I tried at least one boy would throw a fit and it just never worked out.  So I am loving this picture, is it the picture I had in my head I wanted, no but it is totally my boys, Ashton cooperating and doing what I ask and Noah not liking it at all.  So it is perfect! 

Ashton is really into these fake smiles and then he wants to stick his tongue out all the time it drives me crazy.

Noah is getting better and most of the time if I pull out the camera he will smile and say "cheese" but today no suck luck he was being a stinker about cooperating.

I brought a couple props with me for the boys, I had some bubbles to try and keep them happy and I had these big lollipops.  I have bought these lollipops about 3 different times for pictures but the boys always managed to find them and break them.  When I pulled them out both boys were so thrilled and happy for about 2 mins then this happened.

Noah dropped his and he was so upset, Ashton managed to hang onto his a little bit longer.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bowling and Markers

So last week we went bowling for a field trip with Ashton's preschool.  The boys were both really excited about it, but I knew that if they made it past 5 frames  we were going to be very lucky.  We sure enough Noah made it 5 frames and he was done,  he had a blast for those 5 frames though.

Ashton surprised me and made it through the whole game and he finished Noah's along with his.  I was proud of him he even broke a 100.  He did have the bumpers and that other thing that helps them roll the ball but still it was a pretty good score. 

Ashton and Aurora were comparing their shoes, it was so funny.

When they were done bowling all the kids sat and had snacks, then it was time to go home.  It was nice we were the only ones there and they left off all the video games so the kids weren't interested in playing in the arcade section, which I think helped in  them staying interested in bowling as long as they did.  I love how you can totally tell Noah is saying cheese in the pictures.  This has been a new thing he is doing lately, finally he is getting use to a camera in his face all the time.  It only took him two years to get use to it.

On another note, we got together with our neighbors this weekend for dinner and while the adults were sitting around the table talking the boys (our 2 and their 1) were playing and destroying the house.  I noticed Noah had some marker on his face and went to check it out and couldn't find anything and the boys didn't fess up to anything so I let it go.  A little while later Noah came back in the kitchen and his face had even more marker all over it, this time I saw all the boys.  They had drawn all over their faces with marker, thank goodness it was washable, I still had to scrub pretty hard and there was a little left that just had to wear off.

I then went to search the house and luckily enough there were only about two places I had to wipe off the walls so I was happy about that.  Moral is don't leave markers out and available when we have company over!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome Home Leland

 Yesterday we welcomed Leland home from Afghanistan.  It was so good to see him and to have him home safe.  He was suppose to arrive at 2:45 at the air guard base near the airport.  We got there at 2:28 ( I looked at my phone to make sure we weren't late) and the plane was coming in we made it just in time. 

I made two signs for the boys to hold.  I knew Ashton would hold his but I wasn't so sure about Noah and sure enough he didn't want anything to do with it. 

We got to see them come off the airplane and both Ashton and Leland were so excited to see each other, they were both just grinning it was quite cute. 

Ashton was telling Uncle Leland he is 4 now.  On our way home later that night Jason asked Ashton who is favorite uncle was Leland or Aaron.  Sorry Aaron, Leland is the favorite uncle once again.  That didn't take him long !

Noah was a daddy's boy all day he clung to Jason and wouldn't let go.  It was quite cute normally he is stuck to me so it was nice to not have him attached to me. 

We hung around for a few minutes while Leland was interviewed about 3 times from different news stations and a newspaper then I insisted on a group shot of everyone before we left. 

We headed to mom's house to have some food and visit.  It is so nice to know that Leland is home and safe and the family is all together once again.  Aaron was the only one missing, he was in Vegas for the weekend. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day
I decided to plan some fun things for us to do today.  I thought about turning some of our food green, but with Ashton being as picky as he is I didn't think he would go for eating things that were green that normally aren't.  The Leprechaun left us a yummy treat for breakfast, which we all ate for breakfast.

I took Ash off to preschool and Noah and I came home to hang out for two hours, while Ash was gone I got the leprechaun hunt all set up for the boys to do when Ashton came home from preschool.  When he got home there was a clover on the front door with clues to find all the other clovers and a prize at the end.  Noah didn't want anything to do with the hunt so I let Ashton to it all on his own.  He had a blast finding all the clovers and the treats along the way. 

Noah got excited when he saw the treats at the end of the hunt and the boys went to the kitchen to have some of the treats that the leprechaun left for them.  I love that Noah is finally starting to cooperate for pictures when he sees a camera he will usually smile and say cheese, it is quite cute.

Yesterday Ashton and I made sugar cookies so after the boys ate some lunch I let them decorate the cookies.  They started making a huge mess with the sprinkles going all over, I almost yelled at them to stop, but I caught myself in time and just let them go and make a mess.  I really only took me a few minutes to clean it all up when they were finished. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Golden Spike NHS

So recently I found my National Park Passport book.  Well I have decided that this year I want to try and get at least 5 new stamps in the book.  There are 11 national parks or historic sites  in UT  I have been to half of them already. 

A few weeks ago  we decided to go to Golden Spike NHS, it is about an hour and a half away so pretty close and I thought that the boys would love to see the trains.  We got there and it was totally dead, we were the only ones there to begin with, we checked out the little museum part and then we got to go and check out the trains in the engine house. 

We were a little disappointed that the trains weren't out on the tracks, but it was cool to see them in the engine house being worked on so that they can come out this spring and run.  The boys loved it, they couldn't stop checking out the trains

I think we are going to have to go back sometime in the summer so we can see the trains actually go.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snow Day

We got a ton of snow last night.  I got up this morning with the intention to go to the gym, and I ended up shoveling snow for over an hour, so I didn't make it this morning.  But I am still counting that I went, it was not easy shoveling out the driveway and the miles of sidewalk we have to clear. 
I forget how beautiful it is after a storm, the sky is so blue and with everything covered in snow it is so pretty.

We walked to go and pick up Ashton from preschool.  Noah is pretty excited to go and pick up Ya-Ya (that's what he calls Ashton, it is so cute)