Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day
I decided to plan some fun things for us to do today.  I thought about turning some of our food green, but with Ashton being as picky as he is I didn't think he would go for eating things that were green that normally aren't.  The Leprechaun left us a yummy treat for breakfast, which we all ate for breakfast.

I took Ash off to preschool and Noah and I came home to hang out for two hours, while Ash was gone I got the leprechaun hunt all set up for the boys to do when Ashton came home from preschool.  When he got home there was a clover on the front door with clues to find all the other clovers and a prize at the end.  Noah didn't want anything to do with the hunt so I let Ashton to it all on his own.  He had a blast finding all the clovers and the treats along the way. 

Noah got excited when he saw the treats at the end of the hunt and the boys went to the kitchen to have some of the treats that the leprechaun left for them.  I love that Noah is finally starting to cooperate for pictures when he sees a camera he will usually smile and say cheese, it is quite cute.

Yesterday Ashton and I made sugar cookies so after the boys ate some lunch I let them decorate the cookies.  They started making a huge mess with the sprinkles going all over, I almost yelled at them to stop, but I caught myself in time and just let them go and make a mess.  I really only took me a few minutes to clean it all up when they were finished. 


Bellamy Family said...

what a fun mom you are!!