Monday, March 14, 2011

Golden Spike NHS

So recently I found my National Park Passport book.  Well I have decided that this year I want to try and get at least 5 new stamps in the book.  There are 11 national parks or historic sites  in UT  I have been to half of them already. 

A few weeks ago  we decided to go to Golden Spike NHS, it is about an hour and a half away so pretty close and I thought that the boys would love to see the trains.  We got there and it was totally dead, we were the only ones there to begin with, we checked out the little museum part and then we got to go and check out the trains in the engine house. 

We were a little disappointed that the trains weren't out on the tracks, but it was cool to see them in the engine house being worked on so that they can come out this spring and run.  The boys loved it, they couldn't stop checking out the trains

I think we are going to have to go back sometime in the summer so we can see the trains actually go.