Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Boys Pictures

So on Tuesday Korie called me and wanted to go and take some pic of her boys and she invited us to come along and try to get some of my boys too.  We went to Gardner Village and it was a little bit of a rocky start all the boys wanted to do was run around and play.  But we still managed to get some cute pictures (I say we but really it was all Korie.  I did take a few pictures but we quickly realized that someone needed to try and keep the boys out of trouble :) 

I haven't seen all of the pics yet they are still being edited but these are ones that Korie posted on her blog so I stole them.  I am thrilled that we got some cute ones.  I have wanted to have a professional picture of both the boys since day one, but it never happened every time I tried at least one boy would throw a fit and it just never worked out.  So I am loving this picture, is it the picture I had in my head I wanted, no but it is totally my boys, Ashton cooperating and doing what I ask and Noah not liking it at all.  So it is perfect! 

Ashton is really into these fake smiles and then he wants to stick his tongue out all the time it drives me crazy.

Noah is getting better and most of the time if I pull out the camera he will smile and say "cheese" but today no suck luck he was being a stinker about cooperating.

I brought a couple props with me for the boys, I had some bubbles to try and keep them happy and I had these big lollipops.  I have bought these lollipops about 3 different times for pictures but the boys always managed to find them and break them.  When I pulled them out both boys were so thrilled and happy for about 2 mins then this happened.

Noah dropped his and he was so upset, Ashton managed to hang onto his a little bit longer.


klynnphotography said...

the only reason it was all me is because I stole your camera:) I think if it hadn't been so cold we would have gotten more cooperation:)
lol, I think I'll try and bring them down to you today.
then you can go through the rest of them and see if you want me to edit any different ones.

Lisa said...

great photo of the broken sucker :)