Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here I go again

I do realize that if I would just blog more often I would not have to do any catching up, but oh well.
Our neighbor invited us to go the the Discovery Children's museum with them, we haven't been yet so I though it would be fun. Ashton loved it he had so much fun, I think that it is something we may need to look into getting a pass for, it would be a great wintertime activity.

They had a helicopter outside on the patio, Ashton was in heaven he did not want to leave.

We went to dinner at Pat's BBQ for the twins 30th birthday, the first thing I noticed when they got there was the fact that they were wearing matching outfits. I just had to laugh and take a picture. Aaron was not happy about the matching outfits, he said he is now going to keep an extra shirt in his car from now on so this won't ever happen again.

I have been needing to take the boys in for haircuts for a while now, but I have been dreading it. Ashton screams the whole time like he is being murdered, and I knew Noah would not like holding still. So Jason (who likes to think he is a professional ) said he would cut their hair, and I decided to let him. He did Ashton's first, we put him in the high chair, put a movie on and gave him a Popsicle. That kind of worked but he was still using his free hand to swat Jason away from his head, so we gave him two Popsicles so both hands were occupied. He actually did pretty good that way. And Jason did a pretty decent job, there are a few areas that aren't perfect, but then when I take him for a hair cut they never get it perfect anyways with him screaming and me having to hold him down so they can cut his hair.

Ashton after the haircut. He still won't sit still when I do his hair, it usually consists of me chasing him around the house trying to do it. So it is a little messy, but looks much better.

Noah before his haircut

Then it was Noah's turn he did not want to be in the high chair and was crying so we put him in the kitchen sink and that seemed to do the trick, although it wasn't a good idea to do this during nap time so Jason had to hurry, but it looks much better than it did before.

After the haircut and a bath, in the sink to get all the hair off him.

last night we headed up Farmington canyon to meet some friends and have dinner. It was a spur of the moment thing and it was so much fun. The last 4 miles before we got to the campground was this tiny dirt road with lots of switchbacks and a huge drop off and no railings. I was doing just fine driving, until Jason said " one wrong move and we are all dead", to which I replied "thanks for reminding me of that honey, and if I didn't need both of my hands right now I would hit you". That is just not something you say to your wife while she is driving. We made it safely, and had a great time. The boys were so dirty when we got home, but they were both so tired, I just quickly wiped them down, and they got baths this morning.

Friday, September 18, 2009

what's been going on around here

There has been a ton I have wanted to blog about lately, so I am just going to sum it all up.

Jason is back in school, and so far this is going to be a rough semester. He has to do homework every night until midnight or later. He was reading business law, it must of been really interesting.

Over labor day weekend Mom and Myron took Ashton to Moon Lake so we just had Noah for the weekend. It was so fun to just have him, he got lots of undivided attention, and I know Ashton was loving being with grandma and grandpa. We also spent that weekend finishing the patio and the side of the house.
We aren't 100% done we still need to put up the two arbors and plants we want to hide the garbage cans. But I am proud of us for getting it done finally

Dad retired from the State Hospital after working for the state for 33 years. They had a lunch and a roast. Dad was a good sport about being the center of attention, that is not something he usually enjoys. You can't tell in the picture, but his outfit was pretty funny. He was wearing the tuxedo jacket and shirt, basketball shorts, white socks and brown shoes. It was quite the outfit.

Val's parents and two of her girls Lindsay,and Leslie

We a BBQ for Val's 50th birthday. It was a great night until the end when the mosquito's came out and ate me alive. I was a little stupid I even had bug spray in the diaper bag with me but didn't think about it till it was to late.

I tried a new recipe, it was a chocolate cupcake with a caramel in the center, and cream cheese frosting.

Noah has said his first, well at least I am counting it as his first word, he said mama. I was quite excited about that. He has also finally figured out how to go down the stairs as of this morning, I still need to work with him on how to turn around at the top of the stairs to go down them, but he can go down them now. Noah loves to follow Ashton around, and Ash loves to entertain Noah most of the time. It is fun to watch them together.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have always loved cats. I had them growing up, and when I graduated from high school one of my gifts was a kitten. It was a sad day when I moved away from home and Tiger had to stay behind. He ignored me for a long time, he was mad I left him behind. I did leave him in good hands though mom and Myron spoil him more than I ever did, and that's saying a lot, I took good care of him. Anyways fast forward many years, and what comes into my life besides an awesome man, his FIVE cats, yes that is right five cats. It is a lot I know but it really isn't much harder taking care of five cats than it is one cat.

Please ignore the unmade bed, but it is rare to see this many of them so close together. They lead such a rough life don't they!

I love each and every one of them, they are all so different. Jason makes fun of me and how I worry about them all the time. Like at night I can't go to sleep unless I know they are all inside and safe. I can tell when they are hungrey, they will all sit on the steps waiting for me to come and feed them, or when they all sit in the bathtub and want me to turn on the water for them. Yes I am a sucker.

She is one of the oldest and her and Torte are actually sisters. Jason got both of them when they were kittens. Noni is like our clock, she comes and finds us when it is time to go to bed, she will meow and head to the bedroom. She is also the most skittish. She doesn't like to go outside very often, and if she does she doesn't go very far.

She is the biggest of them all, she is like a big fluff ball. She likes to hiss at white dot, when ever they get to close. She gets really annoying when she wants attention, she whines until you have given her enough attention. I love how she looks after she has her lion haircut.

She is like a grouchy old lady. She even sounds like a old cat, with her broken meower. She is a perfect lap cat, she loves to sleep with the boys, I don't like her sleeping with the baby, but I do let her sleep with Ashton. She also has this annoying habit of jumping up on my scrapbook table while I am in the middle of working. It is a good thing she is declawed, she loves to scratch on the couch, and still does it all the time, but with no claws it doesn't matter. Torte is also our most expensive cat, before Jason and I got married she had swallowed a rubber grommit and it got stuck in her intestines. She had to have surgery and have it taken out. They told us she had about a 50% chance of making it. Well $1000 later here she is. So she had better live a long life to make up for it :)

White dot:
She is the most unsocial cat we have, she pretty much keeps to herself unless she wants to be rubbed. As you can see she will jump into drawers if they are left open, needless to say I don't leave drawers open anymore. She is also one that wants to be friends with all the cats. Her and Grey play all the time, which I think is fun until they get fur all over the carpet. It usually is right after I have vacuumed.

Last but not least is Grey,she is my favorite even though she is the most destructive. I hate that she claws at the carpet, it is really annoying. And she can be pretty annoying with her meowing sometimes, but she is the most social and she is so tiny, she looks like a kitten still. She is the little princess around here. Everyone who comes in contact with her loves her, it is hard not to. She loves jump up on our laps or our chests while we are watching TV.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Zoo Babies

We bought a zoo pass this year, so we go about once a month to get good use of our pass. We went today with the Bellamy's it was a perfect day to be there. The weather was perfect and it was not crowded at all, it was awesome. I love that we live close enough we can go and if we only stay for an hour I don't feel bad at all.

Ashton cheezing it for the camera.

I cought Noah performing his new trick, standing alone.

There have been a ton of babies born recently, they are so cute. The baby elephant isn't on display yet, the 3 baby tigers were sleeping under some trees and you couldn't see them in the picture.

The baby giraffe is so cute

The baby snow leopard was curled up with its mommy

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

When did I get so old ?

This morning I found something. Something that I never truly thought that I would find. It made me a little sad to think that I am old enough to get these. I was combing my hair and I looked in the mirror and what looked back at me??? A GREY HAIR, I immediately did a double take, then I pulled it out. I know everyone says you should do this but I just couldn't help myself, it needed to be removed.