Friday, April 30, 2010

Ashton's Fall

So on Sunday afternoon we had what is going to be one unhappy memory and one we will not forget.  We had the Bellamy's over for dinner and Ashton and Ethan were running around the house like normal playing.  Korie and I were in the kitchen and Jason and Spencer were downstairs putting a movie on for the boys.  All of the sudden I heard this thud and then a cry.  I looked outside the sliding door and saw Ashton laying face first on the concrete patio.  I immediately ran outside down the stairs and screamed for Jason.  Ashton had fallen out of our bedroom widow which was about 8-10ft high and had landed on the concrete patio.  I had never been so scared in my life.  I picked him up and held him while Jason told someone to call 911.  It only took about 5 mins for them to show up.  They checked him out and it was decided that they were going to take him to Primary Children's.  I rode with Ashton in the ambulance and Jason followed us. 

I thought it was really cute that one of the paramedics put his sunglasses on Ashton so the sun wouldn't bother his eyes.  (thanks to Korie for this picture she had the foresight to grab my camera and take a picture.  This may not be a happy memory, but it is something that needs to be documented)

We later found out that Ashton and Ethan were watching a cat out the window and the cat went around the corner of the house and Ashton leaned out to far and fell out the window. 

While we were riding to the hospital, they were asking him questions like what his name was, if he had a brother, who I was, and so on.  He answered a few of them, then when he was tired of answering he kept saying Mommy's turn, he wanted me to answer for him.  I thought that was pretty funny. 

We got to the hospital they ordered some scans of his neck to check it out and tried to start an iv.  While they were trying to get the iv in Ashton kept telling them that they were tickling him.  The one nurse laughed and said she wished more kids thought like that.  His veins were a little tricky so after two attempts the nurse said she wasn't going to poke him again she was going to wait. 

We spent quite a while waiting for the results from the scans and to find out what was going to happen next.  Ashton was so tired so he was able to close his eyes and rest which I was happy about.  I left the room after we had been there for quite a while to call my mom and let her know what had happened.  While I was gone, the doctors had  come in and said that his scans of his neck had come back clean so they were going to take of the c collar, and when they did and had him move his head all around, when he looked up he immediately threw up.  So the collar came back on and we had to have a cat scan, and because he had thrown up they wanted an iv started so they had to try again.  It took a while for her to get it in but finally they did.  This time Ashton didn't think it ticked, poor kid was such a trooper he did pretty awesome through all of this.  I am sure it was terrifying for him.

We were waiting in the ER for a room, this is the only pic of me and it is a good thing I looked awful, I had spent the day painting and putting Ashton's room back together.   

We finally got the results and Ashton had a skull fracture it was pretty long about 4-5 inches.  It was only a little depressed and there was a little bleeding but they didn't think it was from the brain but it was from the skull.  Of course he also had a concussion, and we were going to be admitted.  They wanted to put him in the Neuroscience trauma unit, finally we were taken up to his room and settled by about 9:30pm.  My Mom and Myron came up and saw Ashton then headed to our house to get Noah and bring Jason and I what we needed to stay with Ashton for the night.

Through all of this Ashton was in and out of sleep, and that night was no different.  They finally gave him so Tylenol around 10pm and we let him try to get some sleep.  They only had one bed in the room for a parent to sleep in, so I let Jason lay down and I sat in the chair most of the night.  I think I only got about 2 hours of sleep all night.  Ashton just couldn't get settled, finally around 1am they gave him a small amount of morphine and he was able to sleep for about 1 1/2, then he was back to being restless for the rest of the night.  poor kid I am sure he was in pain, but the only thing he complained about was the c collar he hated that thing.

Monday Ashton spent most of the day sleeping and watching TV, he so was not his self.  We tried to take the c collar off but when they did he didn't want to move his neck at all, so the collar had to go back on, which he wasn't happy about at all.  His scans came back clean for breaks but they thought he might have sprained a ligament so they wanted to keep his neck secure.  He didn't really want to eat much, all day we were able to get him to eat some fruit loops but that was all.  The doctors weren't concerned as long as he was drinking and he was so they said to just keep trying, and he would eat when he was ready.

Early afternoon we took a walk around the hospital, Ashton rode in a wheel chair, we headed to the Forever Young Zone, it was this play room where kids could play and they had crafts they could make and video games they could play.  Ashton wasn't interested in anything so we left and just walked some more.  Ashton wanted to put some clothes on so my mom went and bought him some button up shirts so we wouldn't have to put a shirt over his head.

The doctors decided that Ashton needed to stay another night, and they said that when he did go home he was going to have to be wearing the c collar and he was going to have to wear it for two weeks.  This was not welcome news.  It was bad enough that we were going to have to keep him calm and quiet with two feet on the ground for 6 weeks.  That means no running, bikes, scooters, swings, parks, or play groups.  I am not sure how we are going to do this it is going to be tough. 

We decided that we didn't need to have two sleep deprived parents so I thought it would be best for Jason to go home and be with Noah and then he could get some sleep, and I was going to stay with Ashton at the hospital.  Sunday I had spent the day painting Ashton's room and  finishing his new bed so I was in some pretty grubby clothes and after sleeping in them and being in them all day Monday I needed to change.  So I headed home for a quick shower and a change of clothes.  I brought Noah back to the hospital with me so my mom could go home and then Jason was going to bring him home with him. Ashton slept much better Monday night he still was woken up every 4 hours and then it took him about an hour to settle back down again, but we both got more sleep then the night before. 

We Tuesday morning and had a visit from one of the neurosurgeons and he was able to take the c collar off Ashton and he moved his neck all around, so he won't have to go home in it.  I was so stoked about this it was awesome news.  Jason got to the hospital and Ashton wanted to go for another walk, so we headed down to the playroom again, and this time he wanted to play he was seeming a little more like his self.  We got back to the room and we got our discharge paper and we were able to go home.  Ashton was so happy to be going home, we got home and it was such a relief.

Ashton was done with me taking pictures, but you know me I have to have pictures.
He was so happy to be going home, he could hardly stand it.  He loved riding in the wheel chair.

We were so lucky this could of been so much worse.  I am just thankful that we are now home and we can work on getting Ashton better.  I just have to say that our stay at Primary Children's was not fun by any means, but they sure do try to make the stay as best as they can.  The doctors and nurses were awesome and they were all about trying to make the stay as fun as they could for the kids.  The hospital is totally geared towards children and it was nice to know that. 

(I know it looks like Ashton is picking his nose but he really wasn't.  Noah was so excited to have his buddy home with him)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

making progress, I think

Well it has been almost two weeks since we took out the door between our bedroom and bathroom.  We are almost ready to paint both rooms.  I just need Jason to texture the walls for me then I can get to the painting.  I need to figure out what color to paint the bathroom.  I can't decide what I want to do.  Our bedroom will get painted but it will be the same color, it is neutral and I still like the color.

Since we were going to be painting the bedroom we went through and fixed some hole that were left from the previous owners.  I know it has been like well over 5 years but the holes were kind of hidden by our drapes. 

I finally finished Ashton's bed that I started last fall.  I am so happy with how it turned out.  We just need to get a mattress for the bed and put it together.  I brought it up to his room to see how it looks, I can't wait to get it all put together.

So Ashton's room is going to get a makeover, my plan is to have a room for him that isn't to babyish and he can keep it this way for a long time.  I found the perfect quilt at the Village Quilt Shop, I just need to get his sheets the ones I want are from Pottery Barn so I am trying to find the best price, cause they are not cheap.

I am trying to decide what color to paint the walls,  I am leaning toward the color on the left, I know the one on the right looks white, but it is really a lighter shade of the color on the left. 

Once those rooms are painted I want to paint the kitchen, I am tired of the green, I have the color picked out and I am so excited about it.  I am not excited about painting the kitchen the last time I painted it the room was empty it was much easier. 

Lastly I want the bathroom downstairs done.  I have picked out paint colors, the sink, and the tile for the floor.  I want this done it has been in the works for over a year now, it is time!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Random happenings

I saw these rose balls last week on a blog and decided that I needed to make some.  I figured how hard could they be all I needed was styrofoam balls, crepe paper, and hot glue.  They weren't hard but they were sure time consuming.  I do love how they turned out.  I found this planter box and painted it and added they vinyl, and the berries.  I love how it turned out.

We had the Bellamy's over friday night for games.  We went downstairs to check on the boys and this is what we found.  Jason wanted the tv mounted on the wall to keep little hands away from it.  They have just found other ways to get close to the tv. 

Ashton is totally potty trained and has been for a couple of weeks now.  Overall it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, it started out a little rough but once he got the hang of it we were good to go.   It is so nice cutting down on the diaper changing every day. Now if only Noah would potty train I would be in heaven :)

I have been wanting to get going on some of the projects around here that we have been putting off, we are really good at putting off projects.  This weekend I decided we needed to tackle something.  We have been wanting to take out the door that was between our bedroom and the bathroom upstairs forever.  It was not useful and more in the way than anything.  We never used the door and I thought it would be better to actually be able to have the wall space.  So we got the door out, added some 2x4's, got the drywall up, and one coat of the joint compound stuff.  Hopefully by this weekend we can be ready to paint.

looking from the bathroom into our bedroom

We got it framed up so we can put up the drywall

Drywall up on the bedroom side

Dry wall up on the bathroom side and Jason filling in the seams

First coat down, now we have to wait 24 hrs for the second coat.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

We woke up Easter morning, and went to check out what the easter bunny had left for everyone.  Noah had so much fun playing with his new toys. 

Ashton spent the night at Mama and Papa's house so he had to wait till later that night to see what the easter bunny brought him.  I think Noah was enjoying having some one on one time with just Jason and I, and we also like having time with just him to. 

We headed down to my Mom's house for Easter dinner, and as usual it was delicious we had ham, twice baked potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes, apple salad, and rolls. 

We also celebrated Al's birthday, he will be 91 on tuesday, so it worked out perfectly to celebrate while we were all together.

After dinner we played a new game called Egg bash, We each had an egg and had to roll it and the one that doesn't break is the winner. 

Ashton ended up being the winner of the game. It was a fun different game to play.

When Noah woke up from his nap the boys went out to the backyard and they had a little egg hunt.  It was so funny to watch them run around picking up the eggs.  Noah really surprised us and totally got the idea of finding eggs and picking them up.

It was a little cold to be outside, but the little boys didn't seem to mind too much

I know Jason rolls his eyes whenever I say I want a picture of the family, but he is a good sport about cooperating.  If only the little boys would cooperate and look at the camera!

My three boys, aren't they cute. 

Of course we needed to get a picture of the family before everyone left. 

We had a great day!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A mountain getaway

Last weekend we headed out for a Little (ha ha, it was not little at all it was huge) cabin up near Park City.  The Gibsons found that place and wanted to know if we were in.  If anybody knows me they know I am always up for a spontaneous trip anywhere I love doing things like this.  We were only gone for one night, but I would of loved to of stayed longer the place was awesome.

We did have a little drama trying to get there, I was driving and we hit some snowy icy roads and I got stuck and couldn't make it up the hill.  Jason was on his phone and was not helping me, I got a little  frustrated, so we switched spots and Jason took over, but no luck we were not getting up that hill.  Kevin had to come and resuce us, we parked the car in a little lot along the side of the road and loaded up the Gibson's car and had no problem making it, Kevin did have to go back and get the Bellamy's because they couldn't make it either.

When we finally made it to the cabin and got a look around, it was totally worth the little drama getting there, it was huge there were 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.  Most of the rooms had a queen sized bed and a set of bunkbeds there were enough beds to sleep like 24 people.  I wish I had gone and taken picures of all the rooms, but I didn't. There was even a game room with a fosball table, pool table, and a arcade game, there was even a hot tub outside on the deck. 

We ate way too much junk food, here was just a sample of what we had for a 24 hr trip.  But hey we all need to endulge once in a while right.

All the little boys had so much fun playing with the arcade game and playing with the trains that they brought with them.  It was seriusly a lot of fun the only thing I would of changed was to of been able to stay the whole weekend instead of just one night.

While the kids played, the adults played games.  We had so much fun, here's Kevin and Amber

Jason and I

Korie and Spencer

Noah of course wanted to be right in the middle of what was going on.  I am actually amazed he sat still long enough to have a picture taken.

I couldn't get enough of little Ben's cheeks, they are just so kissable.  He sat on my lap for quite a while and was laughing it was adorable. 

This is how we found Noah in the morning,  He has been doing this lately, pulling his arm out of his pj's. 

Ashton was so cute with Ben.  He sat down and played with him and found his bottle and gave it to him.  It was so cite watching him interact with the baby, he has never done that before.

It wouldn't be a memorable trip without one mishap.  Korie put dish soap into the dishwasher and we had to clean up some bubbles.  It was quite funny.

I was really amazed at the amount of bubbles that kept coming out of the dishwasher.

This was the main living area

Ethan cheesing it up for the camera.  The boys had a blast running around outside while we were trying to get packed up tp go.

We had such a great time, it was nice to get away even if it was just for one night.