Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

We woke up Easter morning, and went to check out what the easter bunny had left for everyone.  Noah had so much fun playing with his new toys. 

Ashton spent the night at Mama and Papa's house so he had to wait till later that night to see what the easter bunny brought him.  I think Noah was enjoying having some one on one time with just Jason and I, and we also like having time with just him to. 

We headed down to my Mom's house for Easter dinner, and as usual it was delicious we had ham, twice baked potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes, apple salad, and rolls. 

We also celebrated Al's birthday, he will be 91 on tuesday, so it worked out perfectly to celebrate while we were all together.

After dinner we played a new game called Egg bash, We each had an egg and had to roll it and the one that doesn't break is the winner. 

Ashton ended up being the winner of the game. It was a fun different game to play.

When Noah woke up from his nap the boys went out to the backyard and they had a little egg hunt.  It was so funny to watch them run around picking up the eggs.  Noah really surprised us and totally got the idea of finding eggs and picking them up.

It was a little cold to be outside, but the little boys didn't seem to mind too much

I know Jason rolls his eyes whenever I say I want a picture of the family, but he is a good sport about cooperating.  If only the little boys would cooperate and look at the camera!

My three boys, aren't they cute. 

Of course we needed to get a picture of the family before everyone left. 

We had a great day!


Bellamy Family said...

I want the number to your Easter bunny:)

Natalie said...

Fun! I love Easter. I know we were in the same place, but it looked a lot warmer in your pictures than I felt during our egg hunt.

Lisa said...

what a fun easter!