Friday, August 15, 2014

Caitlin 18 months

I figured I had better start doing a better job at documenting the little things with Caitlin.

Words she says:
Dada she has been saying this for a while now.  Mama she just barely started saying this to me, I was getting a little sad she would call for daddy but not me!  I know silly. grandma although it sounds like gamma, baby, hi, gaga (which means grey)

She also does the sign for sleep, and milk

She is a Mommy's girl but is branching out.  She loves when daddy comes home and runs to him and lays her head on his shoulder.  If we are outside when he comes home she runs to the car and wants to climb in with him while he drives into the garage.  She also loves grandma, her uncles keep trying to become a favorite, not sure they are there yet but she will cuddle with them now.

Favorite movies:
Tangled, Frozen, baby Einstein

oatmeal, eggs, cold cereal, yogurt, gogurt, blue and green goodness (drinks we buy that are fruit and veggies), pasta, pizza, black beans, rice, toast with jam, chips and salsa (she can handle some heat)

Some favorite things:
she has to sleep with two blankets, she loves grey, looking at books, she loves go kart rides, stroller rides, balls, balloons

She doesn't like to get dressed, have her diaper changed or get her hair done.  It is a fight everyday for these things.  She will sit fairly still if I give her my phone with a baby Einstein on it.  She likes baths until you have to wash her body, and you have to keep the water running once it gets shut off she gets mad.  She loves to sit on the counter in our bathroom while Jason and I are getting ready.  She loves to suck on floss and her toothbrush with her toothpaste on it.

She still has a bottle for nap time and bedtime, I know I should take it away from her but I can't bring myself to do it just yet.

She loves to put on shoes, even if they are way to big for her, she loves to be outside, and thinks running into the road is a game.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bear Lake

So after the family reunion we had a whole week to spend at the lake getting to relax.  It ended up being just me and the kids and Mom and Myron.  We had to two condos we were in, the kids and I had one and Mom and Myron in another room.

Caitlin loved the swings, she would stay in them for hours if I let her.  We spent lots of time each day here at the park.

The boys loved the merry go round, they spent lots of time on it.  Caitlin got to ride it a few times with them.

Caitlin loved the sand she had so much fun playing in it every day.

The kids had fun at the beach playing, especially Caitlin she loved the sand.

We rented a wave runner for a couple of hours, we took turns going out on it.  Ashton loved it he got to go with grandma and then me  and grandpa.  Caitlin also got a ride too.

Ashton was a little cold after riding the wave runner.

I was shocked at how happy Caitlin was playing in the sand, I think she could of spent all day playing in it.

I buried Ashton in the sand,

While Caitlin was napping one afternoon, I took the boys miniature golfing.  Ashton got a hole in one on this hole.  He was so proud, so was I.

On the next hole, Noah got a hole in one.  He was super excited.  He was pretty cute needing a high 5 after each shot.

Caitlin was proud of herself for getting these shoes on her feet.

The kids had fun in the boat, that is until a little later.  Ashton was floating in it and before I knew it he was way to far out.  The wind had shifted and was pushing him out on the lake.  Myron went out after him but he wasn't making it fast enough.  Mom went and asked someone to help and go get them on their wave runner.  It was a little scary for a few moments.  When Ashton came back in from the boat, I asked if he was scared and he said he wasn't.  But a little later he admitted he had fallen asleep in the boat which was one of the reasons he floated like he did.

Noah fell asleep one afternoon.  He rarely takes naps anymore.

Getting loves from grandma

The kids playing with glow sticks, they had lots of fun.

We went for a drive and I climbed in the back of the car with Ashton.  It was weird not being in the front, but also fun to be able to see the kids.

I wanted a pic with the kids and surprisingly enough they mostly cooperated.

I love this picture of the kids and grandma and grandpa

We had so much fun and we are so very grateful to mom for putting this together for us.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Orr Family Reunion

So Mom was in charge of the family reunion, of course anything that mom is in charge of turns out wonderfully.  This was no exception, the turnout wasn't as big as anticipated so we had food coming out of our ears, but everything turned out great.  We had the reunion up in Bear Lake, we stayed at Ideal Beach Resort.  We were able to have the reunion center which was wonderful to have the big room to be set up at all times, we had a snack table with just about any kind of treat you could think of, a kids area with lots of stuff for the kids to play with.  The menu was amazing all the meals were so yummy.  My mom put so much time and energy into the reunion to make it a success.

Noah was so proud of his snail he made with play dough.  I was pretty impressed with it also.

We were all happy that Daddy was able to come up for the weekend and get to be with us.

Caitlin getting a little grandpa time.

Here's the big group that was there.

Our family

As per usual when we go to these events, I am helping mom with things, so my kids just get to run around and create havoc.  The uncles are a huge help with my kids and they love them, I love them for all the help they give me and for how they love my kids.  There was of course lots of trying to get Caitlin's attention, she hasn't been a huge fan of the uncles, but this trip seemed to be a huge turning point.  Now the question is who will be her favorite.

Monday, July 14, 2014


So we decided to take a trip to Arizona to see grandma slaughter for her birthday.  It was her 97th birthday, who knows how many more of them she is going to have.  Jason wasn't able to come, which I was sad about but he couldn't come cause of work.  The twins were able to make it which was good for me so I had someone to ride with me and help with the kids.  Aaron was the lucky winner who rode with us, he was a huge help with the kids.  Caitlin did pretty good on the drive which was good cause I was worried about how she would do on such a long drive (its 10 hrs)

We all stayed out at the double V ranch, it was nice we had plenty of room to all spread out.  I did have to share a room with Caitlin and she didn't sleep great in her pack and play, which meant I didn't sleep well the whole trip.  We got to go horseback riding, 4 wheeling, and spent lots of time with family.

The double V ranch where we stayed

Checking out the old barn at Grandmas house, the boys had fun climbing around on the hay bales, and finding old treasures that were my dad's when he was a boy.

Caitlin loved the horses, but not enough that I could sit her on the horse.

She had so much fun playing in the dirt, she was so dirty at the end of the day.

My grandma on her 97th birthday.

I wanted to get my boys in the picture but Noah was throwing a fit and it wasn't worth the hassle.  This picture isn't perfect either but oh well.

Caitlin was super clingy to me all weekend, the only person she would go to other than me was Val, she is so good to my kids.

Leland bought a card game and Ashton had fun playing, he caught on pretty quickly.

The start of a new movie obsession, it is nice to have another movie to put in rotation.

We drove home on Sunday which happened to be my birthday, not the best one I have had.  It was a nice surprise to come home to a cake Jason had made for me from scratch.