Monday, July 14, 2014


So we decided to take a trip to Arizona to see grandma slaughter for her birthday.  It was her 97th birthday, who knows how many more of them she is going to have.  Jason wasn't able to come, which I was sad about but he couldn't come cause of work.  The twins were able to make it which was good for me so I had someone to ride with me and help with the kids.  Aaron was the lucky winner who rode with us, he was a huge help with the kids.  Caitlin did pretty good on the drive which was good cause I was worried about how she would do on such a long drive (its 10 hrs)

We all stayed out at the double V ranch, it was nice we had plenty of room to all spread out.  I did have to share a room with Caitlin and she didn't sleep great in her pack and play, which meant I didn't sleep well the whole trip.  We got to go horseback riding, 4 wheeling, and spent lots of time with family.

The double V ranch where we stayed

Checking out the old barn at Grandmas house, the boys had fun climbing around on the hay bales, and finding old treasures that were my dad's when he was a boy.

Caitlin loved the horses, but not enough that I could sit her on the horse.

She had so much fun playing in the dirt, she was so dirty at the end of the day.

My grandma on her 97th birthday.

I wanted to get my boys in the picture but Noah was throwing a fit and it wasn't worth the hassle.  This picture isn't perfect either but oh well.

Caitlin was super clingy to me all weekend, the only person she would go to other than me was Val, she is so good to my kids.

Leland bought a card game and Ashton had fun playing, he caught on pretty quickly.

The start of a new movie obsession, it is nice to have another movie to put in rotation.

We drove home on Sunday which happened to be my birthday, not the best one I have had.  It was a nice surprise to come home to a cake Jason had made for me from scratch.