Friday, May 24, 2013

14 weeks

I am going to buy some new onsies for this one she is growing like crazy.  I am loving this girl and all the fun she brings to our family.  She hasn't rolled over since she did it a couple of time a few weeks ago.  She loves playing on her little play mat.  in fact she is even pretty happy just laying on a blanket, as long as someone is in the room with her.  She is talking up a storm these days, I love talking with her and listening to her babble.  She still cries almost every time I put her in her car seat, it doesn't last long she stops as soon as she is moving. 

Jason says I am putting a permanent dent in her head with all the headbands I put on her.  I just can't help myself I love her in a headband to match her outfit, she just doesn't seemed dressed without a headband.

I switched to size 2 diapers, she had grown out of the size 1 so I decided to try the Costco diapers 1-2 I have loved the Costco ones in the past with the boys.  I hated them with her, we had blow outs almost everyday.  I didn't want to waste the box of diapers so we just kept using them.  Well I finally had enough after three blow outs in one day, I went back to the pampers and got the size 2.  So far they are awesome

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

iphone dump

Ashton loves to hold Caitlin while standing up, It still makes me a little nervous so he has to stay on the carpet. She doesn't look happy here but she really loves her big brother and usually lights up when he comes around. 

So I stopped by Chelsea's house one afternoon to hang out and we were basically wearing the same outfit.  We of course had to get a picture. 

This is what we call dead kitty cat, not sure why White Dot likes to do this but it is pretty funny.

I love these three

Ashton is such a good big brother, he loves to hold her and makes sure she is okay and happy.

Daddy wearing the Baby Bjorn

Pretty good I got two boys smiling at the same time

2 month check up, all looks good she is nice and healthy

Caitlin got three shots at her 2 month appointment earlier in the day, so she spent the rest of the day sleeping in my arms.  I felt so bad I didn't want to put her down.  I decided to paint my nails, so I did her toenails at the same time.

The boys love going to the apple store, like father like son

A Saturday outing to target as a family usually ends in getting popcorn and a drink at the snack bar

We went to brunch at our favorite little cafe, sunshine cafe.  We taught the boys about the game battleship while we were waiting for our food.  They loved the game even if they didn't play it by the rules.

Noah is obsessed with rainbows, he draws them, builds them when asked what his favorite color is he answers rainbow.

I keep trying to make her into a binky baby, sometimes she takes it.  But most of the time she wants nothing to do with it.

Oh these cheeks, they just kill me.  I want to kiss on them all the time.

Grey loves to hang with Jason and I at night while we are watching TV or whatever.

I can't get enough of this baby girl

Jason and I broke our cardinal rule of not letting the boys have our phones in the morning.  It usually just causes a fight when we have to take them away.  This day I gave in so we could take a shower and try to get ready for the day in peace. 

I was trying to get a few things done on the computer one afternoon and Caitlin was being a little fussy.  She wanted to be held but still wasn't super happy.  So I put on a baby Einstein and she loved it just like Ashton did when he was her age.

I hope that my children one day will know how lucky they are to have such a wonderful grandma  who loves them unconditionally and will do anything in her power to make them happy and love them.

She is such a happy baby, sleeping through the night and waking up super happy each morning.  I love to get her dressed each day.  It is so much fun

The falling asleep in my arms is happening less these days.  So when she does I kind of drink it up and hold her.  She has started to hang onto my clothing and blankets it is pretty cute.

I had been having a pretty tough time with Noah so I tried to be more involved and planned a bunch of silly activities that he would like, and just be there with him.  We got stuff to make cereal necklaces, Noah's of course was in a rainbow.

My family, I love them more than I could of ever imagined.  We love it when daddy is home early, with his work and school schedule he isn't home much in the evenings and usually not till about bed time.  So we soak up the time when he is home at dinner time.

I made a cake for one of Jason's co workers son.  He wanted a movie themed cake and didn't want fondant.  I think it turned out pretty cute.

Noah and Caitlin, he loves his little sister he may not show it in the best way.  But I know it is there.

Noah the little stinker, got one of my favorite sugar cookies that I have hidden in the freezer and won't share with my children.  They come from Dutchman's in St. George so I don't get them very often.  He thought by hiding it under the table I wouldn't see it and he would be able to have it.

So when we moved in we knew we needed to replace the door knobs on a few doors, this being one of them.  We just didn't get around to it until know, it was broken and wouldn't open from the outside so Jason took it off and tried to fix it.  Well that made matter worse so this is what we had as a door knob for about a week while the knobs we wanted got here.  We had to order them online because we couldn't find anything local.

I needed Caitlin to be occupied for a little bit so out came the baby Einstein again.  It also helped her get through some tummy time. On a different note, this poor baby girl has hardly any hair.  She is my child who has the least amount of hair.

Ashton has been wanting a baseball hat, we found one today while we were at Target.  He hasn't taken it off he loves it. 

I pulled out a quilt my grandma Redmond had made for me to give to a daughter someday.  I needed a blanket for her to lay on while playing on the floor.  This one is perfect it is slightly bigger than a typically baby blanket and it has the sentimental value of being made by my grandma.

I finally after way way to long got my hair cut.  I wanted highlights also but they couldn't fit that in too on the day I wanted it done, but oh well I guess I will just have to go back again soon.

Jason and I were able to get away with the Bellamy's for a little date night.  Of course Caitlin had to come along with us but she is a perfect angel at least for now.

I decided it was time to switch the bassinet out for the seat in the stroller.  I think someone likes it.

It has been so nice lately we have been taking lots of walks.

We meet Chelsea and her kids at the park for lunch and playing one afternoon.  Jerzie is so cute with Caitlin, she was making her talk on the phone.  What you can't see is Jerzies other hand was held up to her ear like another phone and she was talking to her.

The boys wanted chocolate chip pancakes, so I thought why not.  Of course Ashton didn't like the chocolate in the pancakes and Noah didn't eat it.

A quiet morning with just us and Caitlin, the boys were at grandma's house.  I love mornings like this we don't get them very often and as soon as Caitlin in no longer nursing she can also go to grandma's house.

Daddy saying goodbye in the morning before he heads off to work.

She is getting more use to being in the bumbo, at first she hated it.  She now tolerates it for a short time.

Caitlin's new thing is to hold onto anything she can while she is eating.  Sometimes it is my skin she grabs onto and it hurts.  I need to keep her little nails shorter.

We had a busy afternoon, we went to the mall, then to Chick-fil-a for lunch then to babies r us then to target.  On the way home all three kids fell asleep.  I love taking pics of my sleeping children.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Family pictures

So I wanted to have some pictures of the kids taken in the orchard when the trees were in bloom.  So I told Korie to let me know when.  We planned on taking some on a Saturday morning at 9am.  I wasn't stressed about this shoot at all I was going to have them wear their Easter outfits.  At the last minute I decided to try and get a family picture taken also.  I had an outfit that fit in with the kids and I was able to find a polo for Jason in his closet.  I was really laid back about this and didn't even tell Korie I wanted a family picture, I was mainly focused on the kids and figured if we got a family shot great but if not oh well. 

Noah of course was his normal difficult self, he didn't like his shirt, didn't want to cooperate.  So I was completely shocked to see we got some good pictures.  We were even able to get an awesome family picture, it is so perfectly imperfect which is so our family.  She was even able to get some of me and Caitlin, which I love because we never got any done when she was a newborn and I was sad about that so these will be in there place.