Friday, May 24, 2013

14 weeks

I am going to buy some new onsies for this one she is growing like crazy.  I am loving this girl and all the fun she brings to our family.  She hasn't rolled over since she did it a couple of time a few weeks ago.  She loves playing on her little play mat.  in fact she is even pretty happy just laying on a blanket, as long as someone is in the room with her.  She is talking up a storm these days, I love talking with her and listening to her babble.  She still cries almost every time I put her in her car seat, it doesn't last long she stops as soon as she is moving. 

Jason says I am putting a permanent dent in her head with all the headbands I put on her.  I just can't help myself I love her in a headband to match her outfit, she just doesn't seemed dressed without a headband.

I switched to size 2 diapers, she had grown out of the size 1 so I decided to try the Costco diapers 1-2 I have loved the Costco ones in the past with the boys.  I hated them with her, we had blow outs almost everyday.  I didn't want to waste the box of diapers so we just kept using them.  Well I finally had enough after three blow outs in one day, I went back to the pampers and got the size 2.  So far they are awesome