Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day

The best Christmas present we got this year was waking up at home and the boys slept till 8:50am, they never sleep that late it was awesome. As soon as we were all up we headed down to open some presents. I put the breakfast casserole and sticky buns in the oven because they needed to bake for an hour. It was so much fun with the boys this year, Ashton totally got it and loved opening the presents. Noah just wanted to do what his big brother was doing, so he at least helped open his.

Both of the boys love to read books, they sat and looked through the books for quite a while, they must get this from me I love to read.

Ashton saying No more pictures, he had had enough. We took a break at this point, went and had some breakfast, then opened some more presents.

The ball popper was a huge hit with both of the boys. Ashton really surprised us by falling in love with the airplane we had gotten for Noah. He would not put it down, he even tried to give the helicopter he got to Noah so he could have the plane. When that didn't work he went and got the his airplane and tried to give that to Noah. He would not let go of that airplane, as you can see it is in his lap he even had to take it to grandma's house with him.

We had an awesome day at home we got to hang out in our pj's and play with our presents, it was such a nice day. We didn't have to be to mom's house for dinner till 5 pm, so it was so nice. We had an awesome dinner then it was time for presents again. I was very excited for my brothers and parents to open their presents, I had made them photo books with Ashton and Noah, and they were a huge hit.

The boys had fun playing with their new puzzles

Ashton had a great time with Jason's new flashlight, we had to keep reminding him to not shine people in the face.

I never remember to get a picture when we are all dressed and looking nice. The boys outfits were so cute, but when I remembered they were already in pj's. Oh well maybe next year I will remember.
We had such an awesome Christmas, we were very spoiled by everyone and it was such a wonderful day. I can't think of a better way to spend the holiday than with our loved ones.

Christmas Eve

We always spend Christmas eve at Mom and Myron's house, to celebrate with Myron's kids and parents. It is always lots of fun and we have a great time all together.

Corey and Jami
Carlie and Aaron and Leland are checking out Aaron's gift he got in the gift exchange
Aaron and Noah, my boys are very lucky to have such awesome uncles.

Uncle Leland and Ashton, it is so cute how excited Ashton gets when he sees uncle Leland. I am always taking the pictures so I tried to get one with Ashton, he stood still for a min, before he was done with the picture taking.

Mom and Myron got this awesome train table for the boys and it was all set up for them in the family room, Mom was so excited to have them open it and play with it I almost think she was more excited then the boys were, and the boys loved it. Ashton's expression when he saw it is priceless.

Ashton and Noah had so much fun playing, they already love going to Grandma and Papa's house, now they have another reason to go so they can play with the train table.

Santa of course found us and brought us new Christmas Jammie's. Ashton also loved playing with the cube that Noah got, he played with it almost more than Noah did.

After we were done we headed home. This is actually going to be our first Christmas at home. We have always stayed at my mom's house on Christmas eve but now that the boys are getting older I want to have our own traditions and memories at home. It was so much fun to get the boys in bed and getting the house ready for Christmas morning. I made a breakfast casserole and sticky buns for the morning so all I needed to do in the morning was put them in the oven.
After we got the presents all out and the stocking stuffed, Jason and I just sat in the living room and enjoyed being together and being home for the holiday.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So a while back my dad asked me if I wanted to go to Arizona with him to see grandma. He had a conference to go to in Phoenix and he decided to stay a little longer to visit with his mom. I agreed and thought it would be fun to go and visit.

So we left last Tuesday morning and the boys did pretty good in the car Noah had a couple little fits, but I was able to crawl in the back with him and that helped. So overall the trip went great we only had to stop twice, we made it about 10 1/2 hours to Mesa.

Some of the highlights of the trip include:

Beautiful 70 degree weather the whole trip, it was so strange being in short sleeves all day and at night we just needed a light jacket if that.

playing at the park, we walked over to a park and the boys had so much fun playing.

seeing the lights at the mesa temple, with Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Gary, and Grandma. I really like the lights, it was fun listening to Ashton say "Mom look Christmas lights" all night long. It seems silly but I got a kick out of the orange trees, with the oranges and christmas light.

going to the phoenix zoo, I was really impressed with this zoo it was twice the size of the Hogle zoo, and the animal were in really large exhibits.

going to Outdoor World, and seeing Santa, well at least we saw him from a far Ashton didn't want to get any closer.

Visiting with relatives we don't see a lot. It was fun to see my kids interact with their 92 yr old great grandma. It took them a couple of days to warm up to her but they did and she was really cute with them.

3 Staples

So two Sundays ago we had a family dinner at my Dad and Val's house, Val is going back east to be with her daughter Meagan who is about to have a baby and she will be gone for Christmas. So we all got together to have dinner and exchange presents.

We had an awesome dinner and we were exchanging presents. During all of this Ashton was rough housing with his Uncle Leland and Aaron, which is very common when they are together. Ashton ended up hitting his head on the back of the couch, that has a wooden frame and metal rivets. It bled pretty good for a little bit, but we couldn't get a good look at it because he wouldn't let anyone get close to it. So when we got home, I finally convinced Ashton to let me look at it, it wasn't very deep but it was split open pretty wide. I decided to take him to insta-care and have it looked at.

He was not a happy boy about being at the Dr's office. So I decided to bride him, I told him we would go and get a treat when we were done, if he let them look at his head. The nurse came out and looked at it and said she had to put some numbing cream on it, then we had to wait for 20 mins, till they could put the staples in. After she put the numbing cream on they had to wrap his head, and boy did that set him off. He was not happy yet again.
He kept saying, "hurt, mom off" and " No like it" I had to keep him busy, so he would forget about it.

Then when we headed back to be seen, he wouldn't get on the scale, he didn't want to cooperate with anything that needed to happen. The nurse had to clean the cut with some sterile water so I sat Ashton on my lap and we wrapped him in a sheet and I held his head against my chest while she cleaned it. Through all of this Ashton is screaming and crying. I know it wasn't hurting him, he just didn't like being held down. Then it was time for the staples. I held him and cradled his head while they put in the staples. He was screaming bloody murder by this time, but he didn't flinch or anything when the staples were put in so I know he wasn't in pain, he just wanted to be let down and as soon as I did let him go, he quite crying. When we were leaving, he kept telling the nurse "you hurt me" over and over again it was pretty funny.

I had told him that if he let the Dr. look at his head and fix it I would buy him a treat, so on the way home we stopped at Maverick and I bought him a sucker, he was so happy about that.

Now we just have to go back in a week and have them taken out. I am not looking forward to that at all.

Monday, December 14, 2009


On Saturday we dropped the boys off at mom and Myron's house they were going to stay the night. Jason and I were so excited to get to have a whole day together without our kids. Now don't get me wrong we love the boys, but it is nice to have some alone time with just us. We went and had some lunch and did some Christmas shopping. We were going to go to a movie but we couldn't decide on one, so Jason came up with the idea to go tubing.

So we bundled up and headed up Parley's canyon to Gorgoza park. It was so much fun, there weren't a lot of people there so it was really nice. We had a blast, I want to go back and bring Ashton I think he will have fun.

It was an awesome break, we are so fortunate to have grandparents so close that take our boys so we can have some adult time together.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Fun

So we woke up to lots of snow Tuesday morning. I decided we needed to do something other than be inside and the boys watching TV, this was them that morning. They were both glued to the TV.

So I bundled up both boys and we headed outside. Ashton was in heaven he was having so much fun, he was helping me shovel the drive way and just playing in the snow.

Noah on the other hand, wasn't as thrilled. He didn't hate it but he wouldn't keep mittens on his hands and so when he fell and got snow on his hands he was done. So I put him down for a nap and headed back outside to finish shoveling.

Ashton had so much fun, he had even pulled out his scooter and was trying to ride it in the snow. I got the driveway done and decided that was all the shoveling I was going to do. The sidewalks needed to be done but they could wait. Ashton and I even took a ride down the hill on the sled. It is so fun that he loves to be out in the snow now. I can't wit till I can get him on a ski slop.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

what to do

I am a little torn this morning, we woke up to snow and it is still snowing. But I have a ton of errands that I want/need to go and do. So do I stay home all nice and cozy and watch it snow or do I bundle the boys up and head out to get the things done I need to. Then there is the problem of Ashton dying to go and play in the snow, but his snow pants from last year are way to short, so I need to go buy him some, but that also means I have to leave the house to go and buy some.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Polar Express

So on Saturday we headed up to Heber to ride the Polar Express. We met my Mom and Myron and went and had an late lunch/early dinner at Don Pedros in Heber, the food was really good in my opinion. Then we headed over to the Heber Valley Railroad.

Getting all bundled up, it was really cold and it was starting to snow. To keep the trains warm there were only stoves at one end. It was a good thing we were all bundled up to keep warm.

Ashton was so excited to ride on the train, he had been talking about it all day long. I had planned on having the boys wear pj's and a robe, like they do in the movie, but it was so cold and snowing a little that I wasn't in the mood to change their clothes. But thanks for the Christmas pj's for the boys mom, it's one less thing I need to go and get!

Noah didn't care he was on a train he just wanted to play with the window cover and climb all over me. He didn't want anyone else to hold him he only wanted me unfortunately.

Ashton waiting patiently for the train to start moving.

We left the station and headed out towards Deer creek. The train was old and rusted with peeling paint, but it just added to the experience I think. We got a cookie and hot chocolate, before they read the story. After the story we sang Christmas songs, the elves told jokes, we got a visit from Mrs Claus, who gave us her recipe for chocolate chip cookies to bake for Santa on Christmas eve. Then we even got to see Santa, and he gave all the children a silver bell. Ashton had so much fun he was in heaven, Noah on the other hand was not very good all he wanted to do was to get down and walk. I let him for a little bit, but the train rocked while it was moving so it was a little hard for him to walk very well. I wish we would of left Noah at home with a sitter so we could of all enjoyed it with Ashton.