Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve

We always spend Christmas eve at Mom and Myron's house, to celebrate with Myron's kids and parents. It is always lots of fun and we have a great time all together.

Corey and Jami
Carlie and Aaron and Leland are checking out Aaron's gift he got in the gift exchange
Aaron and Noah, my boys are very lucky to have such awesome uncles.

Uncle Leland and Ashton, it is so cute how excited Ashton gets when he sees uncle Leland. I am always taking the pictures so I tried to get one with Ashton, he stood still for a min, before he was done with the picture taking.

Mom and Myron got this awesome train table for the boys and it was all set up for them in the family room, Mom was so excited to have them open it and play with it I almost think she was more excited then the boys were, and the boys loved it. Ashton's expression when he saw it is priceless.

Ashton and Noah had so much fun playing, they already love going to Grandma and Papa's house, now they have another reason to go so they can play with the train table.

Santa of course found us and brought us new Christmas Jammie's. Ashton also loved playing with the cube that Noah got, he played with it almost more than Noah did.

After we were done we headed home. This is actually going to be our first Christmas at home. We have always stayed at my mom's house on Christmas eve but now that the boys are getting older I want to have our own traditions and memories at home. It was so much fun to get the boys in bed and getting the house ready for Christmas morning. I made a breakfast casserole and sticky buns for the morning so all I needed to do in the morning was put them in the oven.
After we got the presents all out and the stocking stuffed, Jason and I just sat in the living room and enjoyed being together and being home for the holiday.


Kevin and Amber said...

Thats so nice that you got to spend Christmas at home. Your boys are so cute!!

♥ andressa caaat ♣ said...

muito legal essa história.
queria poder conhecer a neve :)