Monday, December 7, 2009

Polar Express

So on Saturday we headed up to Heber to ride the Polar Express. We met my Mom and Myron and went and had an late lunch/early dinner at Don Pedros in Heber, the food was really good in my opinion. Then we headed over to the Heber Valley Railroad.

Getting all bundled up, it was really cold and it was starting to snow. To keep the trains warm there were only stoves at one end. It was a good thing we were all bundled up to keep warm.

Ashton was so excited to ride on the train, he had been talking about it all day long. I had planned on having the boys wear pj's and a robe, like they do in the movie, but it was so cold and snowing a little that I wasn't in the mood to change their clothes. But thanks for the Christmas pj's for the boys mom, it's one less thing I need to go and get!

Noah didn't care he was on a train he just wanted to play with the window cover and climb all over me. He didn't want anyone else to hold him he only wanted me unfortunately.

Ashton waiting patiently for the train to start moving.

We left the station and headed out towards Deer creek. The train was old and rusted with peeling paint, but it just added to the experience I think. We got a cookie and hot chocolate, before they read the story. After the story we sang Christmas songs, the elves told jokes, we got a visit from Mrs Claus, who gave us her recipe for chocolate chip cookies to bake for Santa on Christmas eve. Then we even got to see Santa, and he gave all the children a silver bell. Ashton had so much fun he was in heaven, Noah on the other hand was not very good all he wanted to do was to get down and walk. I let him for a little bit, but the train rocked while it was moving so it was a little hard for him to walk very well. I wish we would of left Noah at home with a sitter so we could of all enjoyed it with Ashton.


Kevin and Amber said...

That sounds like so much fun!!! Maybe we will take tator.