Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Fun

So we woke up to lots of snow Tuesday morning. I decided we needed to do something other than be inside and the boys watching TV, this was them that morning. They were both glued to the TV.

So I bundled up both boys and we headed outside. Ashton was in heaven he was having so much fun, he was helping me shovel the drive way and just playing in the snow.

Noah on the other hand, wasn't as thrilled. He didn't hate it but he wouldn't keep mittens on his hands and so when he fell and got snow on his hands he was done. So I put him down for a nap and headed back outside to finish shoveling.

Ashton had so much fun, he had even pulled out his scooter and was trying to ride it in the snow. I got the driveway done and decided that was all the shoveling I was going to do. The sidewalks needed to be done but they could wait. Ashton and I even took a ride down the hill on the sled. It is so fun that he loves to be out in the snow now. I can't wit till I can get him on a ski slop.


Natalie said...

Those pictures are great. There is one good thing about snow, kids don't seem to get as chilled as we do, and it gets their energy out.