Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day

The best Christmas present we got this year was waking up at home and the boys slept till 8:50am, they never sleep that late it was awesome. As soon as we were all up we headed down to open some presents. I put the breakfast casserole and sticky buns in the oven because they needed to bake for an hour. It was so much fun with the boys this year, Ashton totally got it and loved opening the presents. Noah just wanted to do what his big brother was doing, so he at least helped open his.

Both of the boys love to read books, they sat and looked through the books for quite a while, they must get this from me I love to read.

Ashton saying No more pictures, he had had enough. We took a break at this point, went and had some breakfast, then opened some more presents.

The ball popper was a huge hit with both of the boys. Ashton really surprised us by falling in love with the airplane we had gotten for Noah. He would not put it down, he even tried to give the helicopter he got to Noah so he could have the plane. When that didn't work he went and got the his airplane and tried to give that to Noah. He would not let go of that airplane, as you can see it is in his lap he even had to take it to grandma's house with him.

We had an awesome day at home we got to hang out in our pj's and play with our presents, it was such a nice day. We didn't have to be to mom's house for dinner till 5 pm, so it was so nice. We had an awesome dinner then it was time for presents again. I was very excited for my brothers and parents to open their presents, I had made them photo books with Ashton and Noah, and they were a huge hit.

The boys had fun playing with their new puzzles

Ashton had a great time with Jason's new flashlight, we had to keep reminding him to not shine people in the face.

I never remember to get a picture when we are all dressed and looking nice. The boys outfits were so cute, but when I remembered they were already in pj's. Oh well maybe next year I will remember.
We had such an awesome Christmas, we were very spoiled by everyone and it was such a wonderful day. I can't think of a better way to spend the holiday than with our loved ones.