Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!!

So yesterday was my birthday and a while ago I told my mom that I was done celebrating things like mother's day and my birthday.  I was tired of being disappointed so I figured that I would just let it be any old day.  Well my mom took matters into her own hands and planned me an awesome day.  Jason was out of town so my mom called my dad and things got planned.  Dad took me golfing with Leland and Val in the morning while mom watched Ashton and Noah, then we came home and she had lunch ready for us and the house was all decorated with signs and balloons.  Jason had some flowers and balloon delivered and they were beautiful.  We ate lunch and Leland headed home and Dad and Val stayed and watched the boys while mom and I went and got pedicures and went shopping.

While we were waiting to have our pedicures we went next door to this little consignment shop to look around, mom found some cute skirts and shirt, and I found a little Coach purse for $12.  Mom gave me a hard time for buying a new purse but for $12 it was kind of necessary :)  Then we went and got our pedicures and then headed to Fashion place mall for some shopping.  I bought myself a pair of shoes which I am thrilled about, you can't go wrong with new shoes.  Then we headed home, when we got home Val had the boys feed and they were in the tub.  I just got them in their pj's and we hung out for a little while and then they went to bed. 

Overall I had a fabulous day, I felt very loved and it was an awesome way to spend a birthday. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Project life 2010

So last week I finished my project life for 2010.  I don't think that I have ever been this caught up on my scrapbooking ever.  I still want to go back and do some pages for the holidays, birthdays, trips, etc.  But that won't be hard to do at all I just need to choose my pictures and get them printed.  For the boys I have finished their books for 2010 also.  I did a month is a glance for each of them and got them printed and love how they turned out.  I have been really hesitant to go to digital scrapbooking, I love traditional scrapbooking and haven't been able to give it up.  But I am loving the digital scrapbooking more and more. 

For 2011 I am doing digital project life and I am loving this format.  I am keeping up with taking a picture a day and every few weeks I load all the pictures into my digital project life and do my journaling. 

I have seen these summer posters all over lately, so when a friend posted one and then shared the link for it I decided to grab it and do it with the boys.  I left it just like she made it and I will have to change a few of the activities, I don't think the boys would like having a tea party or sewing but who knows right.  So far we have crossed off about 5 of the activites.  We will see how well I can keep up with this.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Yard Work

So we spent most of the weekend outside in the yard.  We needed to weed the flower beds, plant a few flowers, get the drip line in place, and put down some new bark, then mow and edge the lawn.  I figured we would be outside for about half the day.  I was so wrong we spent all day saturday outside, we finally finished it was about 8pm and I was so tired and sore, but we got it all done and it looks great.

I am amazed at how a few bags of bark makes everything look so much better.  We got enough bark to cover under the deck and we got some stuff to spread over the bark to in hopes it will keep the cats from using the flower beds as a litter box. 

We even made some progess on the side yard.  We like how the area has a natural look going on we just need to get the grass and a few weeds under control and then we will be happy.  I pulled a ton of the larger weeds and then Jason went back after me and pulled a ton of the grass and moring glory out.  There is still a lot  of grass that needs dealing with but, it looks so much better and now you can see the flowers.

Then sunday we needed to replace a couple of sprinkler heads, but of course nothing is ever simple like that, we ended up spending most of late afternoon and evening outside fixing the sprinklers.  Oh the joys of homeownership!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day out with Thomas

So my mom wanted to take the boys to see Thomas, She took Ashton last year and he loved it.  This year Noah got to go too.  Also Jason and I tagged along this year.  We had tickets for Memorial day, my mom wanted to keep the boys Sunday night so we just meet them in Heber Monday morning.  The forecast called for highs of around 40 degrees and there was suppose to be snow in the morning.  I had only packed sweatshirts for the boys along with short sleeve shirts so I had to bring with me their winter coats, hats, and gloves.  It was really cold but we were bundled up so it wasn't so bad.  Jason wasn't thrilled with the weather and didn't know why we were still going.  It isn't like we could get a rain check and go back to see Thomas when the weather was better, so off we went. 

Noah was seriously so dang cute, he was so excited to be on the train, he kept saying choo choo and wanting the train to go. 

On a different note, I was pretty proud of my mom for doing the boys hair she did a great job.  She is one awesome grandma, for example while she had them Sunday night Ashton ended up getting croup, so she was up with him for quite a while, she ended up bundling them both up and opening the back door and getting him to breath in the cold air.  Then he went back to bed and was fine, for the rest of the night.  I hope these boys know how lucky they are to have such an awesome grandma who is willing to do almost anything for them,

The boys had a blast, Noah loved every minute riding the train, and Ashton was glued to the window watching everything going by.  We had some moments of stress, but that is typical with our family and dealing with crowds and our children.  We let both boys pick out a train, Ashton choose Salty and Noah choose Gordon. 

Ashton has been doing this lately when ever I ask him to smile, he scowls at me.  Seriously with as many pictures as I take you would think that he would be use to it ans just smile for me.  The quicker he smiles the sooner I put away the camera.

We got to ride the big train, play miniature golf, blow bubbles, play with the train tables, hear a couple stories, and ride a little train car.  All in all we had a great day.

I had to post this picture, I think that their profiles look so much alike.  They even almost have the same expression on their faces.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pre School Graduation

So last Thursday was Ashton's pre school graduation.  It was really cute the kids did a little program showing us some of the things that they have learned through the year.  They sang some songs, recited poems, signed the alphabet and some other signs they learned.  Overall I was thrilled with Ashton's pre school experience, he had a blast being with all the kids and he learned a ton of stuff.  I hope that he will enjoy his new pre school this fall just as much. 

Here they were doing the hokie pokie, so funny to watch
They did sign language, they know the alpahbet and a few other signs. 

I loved hearing what Miss Gail had to say about Ashton, he knows all his numbers and letters and he can write his name.  He is a good listener and a big helper.

I wanted to get a picture of him and his teacher but he was not happy about that and wasn't going to cooperate, so I tried to just get a pic of him smiling, that was even too much for him he was not going to smile.

Finally a little half smile

Here is Ashton on the first day of pre school

And on his last day of pre school he is all grown up.  It makes me a little sad, but mostly happy for all that is to come.