Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!!

So yesterday was my birthday and a while ago I told my mom that I was done celebrating things like mother's day and my birthday.  I was tired of being disappointed so I figured that I would just let it be any old day.  Well my mom took matters into her own hands and planned me an awesome day.  Jason was out of town so my mom called my dad and things got planned.  Dad took me golfing with Leland and Val in the morning while mom watched Ashton and Noah, then we came home and she had lunch ready for us and the house was all decorated with signs and balloons.  Jason had some flowers and balloon delivered and they were beautiful.  We ate lunch and Leland headed home and Dad and Val stayed and watched the boys while mom and I went and got pedicures and went shopping.

While we were waiting to have our pedicures we went next door to this little consignment shop to look around, mom found some cute skirts and shirt, and I found a little Coach purse for $12.  Mom gave me a hard time for buying a new purse but for $12 it was kind of necessary :)  Then we went and got our pedicures and then headed to Fashion place mall for some shopping.  I bought myself a pair of shoes which I am thrilled about, you can't go wrong with new shoes.  Then we headed home, when we got home Val had the boys feed and they were in the tub.  I just got them in their pj's and we hung out for a little while and then they went to bed. 

Overall I had a fabulous day, I felt very loved and it was an awesome way to spend a birthday.