Monday, June 13, 2011

Yard Work

So we spent most of the weekend outside in the yard.  We needed to weed the flower beds, plant a few flowers, get the drip line in place, and put down some new bark, then mow and edge the lawn.  I figured we would be outside for about half the day.  I was so wrong we spent all day saturday outside, we finally finished it was about 8pm and I was so tired and sore, but we got it all done and it looks great.

I am amazed at how a few bags of bark makes everything look so much better.  We got enough bark to cover under the deck and we got some stuff to spread over the bark to in hopes it will keep the cats from using the flower beds as a litter box. 

We even made some progess on the side yard.  We like how the area has a natural look going on we just need to get the grass and a few weeds under control and then we will be happy.  I pulled a ton of the larger weeds and then Jason went back after me and pulled a ton of the grass and moring glory out.  There is still a lot  of grass that needs dealing with but, it looks so much better and now you can see the flowers.

Then sunday we needed to replace a couple of sprinkler heads, but of course nothing is ever simple like that, we ended up spending most of late afternoon and evening outside fixing the sprinklers.  Oh the joys of homeownership!!


Ariana said...

Looks great! When I worked in landscaping, we referred to sprinklers as the "irritation system" cuz they were so freaking annoying! :)