Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pre School Graduation

So last Thursday was Ashton's pre school graduation.  It was really cute the kids did a little program showing us some of the things that they have learned through the year.  They sang some songs, recited poems, signed the alphabet and some other signs they learned.  Overall I was thrilled with Ashton's pre school experience, he had a blast being with all the kids and he learned a ton of stuff.  I hope that he will enjoy his new pre school this fall just as much. 

Here they were doing the hokie pokie, so funny to watch
They did sign language, they know the alpahbet and a few other signs. 

I loved hearing what Miss Gail had to say about Ashton, he knows all his numbers and letters and he can write his name.  He is a good listener and a big helper.

I wanted to get a picture of him and his teacher but he was not happy about that and wasn't going to cooperate, so I tried to just get a pic of him smiling, that was even too much for him he was not going to smile.

Finally a little half smile

Here is Ashton on the first day of pre school

And on his last day of pre school he is all grown up.  It makes me a little sad, but mostly happy for all that is to come.


Lisa said...

wow - what a difference one school year makes! :) cute photos