Sunday, March 30, 2008

sunday morning

Well this is not how a sunday morning should start. First of all Ashton woke up last night and would not go back to sleep so he came to bed with us. Which NEVER happens so we didn't get a great nights sleep. Then Ashton decided to wake up at 6:00am this morning so here I am wide awake just after 7:00am on a sunday morning. I thought that I would crawl back in bed while Ashton was playing and just try to relax. Ashton wanted up in the bed with us and he decided to play rough and I ended up with his head in my mouth. Now I have a fat lip and a headache. As if that is not enough I look outside it's snowing. Now my goal is to make the rest of this day better than how it started. I think I will go do some baking and make something yummy for breakfast.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

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Easter Egg Hunt

My mom wanted to have an Easter egg hunt for Ashton this year. So she invited some of the kids in the neighborhood over so that there would be some other kids for him to play with. It turned out to be a beautiful day. It was a little cool but the sun was shining. Ashton was so not interested in finding eggs. I couldn't even get him to pick up one. I did manage to get him to put an egg in his Easter basket when I held it out for him. He actually had more fun playing in the sand box. I ended up finding most of his eggs (although I shouldn't have because then I will have to eat the candy from them and I don't need that).

We left Ashton at my mom's house for the night. Jason got a pair of Jazz tickets from his work. So we were going to go the game tonight but we decided at the last minute we weren't really interested in going. So we just went to dinner at Macaroni Grill. We tried to go to The Cheesecake Factory but it was going to be like a 2 hour wait and I was so not going to wait that long. It is not that great of a restaurant. We are so boring, here we have the night to ourselves and what are we doing? Jason is doing homework and I am blogging. Oh well at least it is nice to know that we don't have to get up first thing in the morning and we could go out if we wanted to.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The park

When I got home from work. Jason suggested going to the park and the pet store. So we took advantage of the nice day. It was still a little chilly in the shade but it was fun to get out and watch Ashton play . He loves to just run around, he wasn't really interested in the playground at all. It was all fun and games until another kid knocked Ashton down and he bit his lip and started to bleed. After that we decided it was time to go home.

I am excited to scrapbook in the office again now that it is all painted and put back together. I love the light paint color it makes such a difference. I did this layout. It is not current its from 2005 but the pictures were printed and I came across them first. I will never be caught up and I guess thats okay it gives me something to work on.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I finshed painting the office and have almost got it all put back together again. I can't get a great picture where you can see the color really good. It is a really light lavendar, I love the color it turned out so good and it is so much brighter now. I wish I had done this sooner. Jason now wants me to paint Ashton's room a lighter color we will see. I am still going to try to take a better picture when I have everything put away. It is amazing how much stuff we have in this small room.

When I picked Ashton up today from daycare becky gave me this basket and easter bunny I thought it was so cute it is real grass that she grew for everyone of the kids, and the blue bunny is made from sugar. She is so great to the kids with all that she does for them for the holidays. I am so fortunate to have found such a great place for Ashton to be while I am working.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

pottery barn & goodbye red

I just love pottery barn. I was so excited to see the UPS guy drop off this package for me. I got Ashton the cutest easter pail. I can't wait till easter for him to use it. My mom always has an easter egg hunt so Ashton will get to use it every year.
I decided one night last week while I was scrapbooking in the office that with the red paint it was just to dark in the room and I wanted to paint it. Normally when I get these ideas I put it off and don't do then forget about it. Not this time I went and bought the paint friday and cleared out some of the room for painting the next day. I spent all weekend painting and I love the new color. It is so much lighter. I finished painting this afternoon and Jason came up with a new layout for all the furniture. I am so excited I just need to get all the misc things back up on the walls and reorganize. When it is finished I will post a picture. I am hoping to get it done tomorrow.

Monday, March 10, 2008


While I was gone last week Jason decided to give Ashton a haircut. He needed one and I just didn't have time to get it done before I left. When I got home Friday I could tell he had gotten a haircut. I was quite surprised thinking that Jason had actually taken Ashton to get a haircut. Then I realized that he had done it himself. I was surprised he did a pretty good job, but I am not going to let that happen all the time.

We were at the toy store and Ashton loved this chair. We didn't buy this one for him. It was just a little to cheesy for me.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I love these boys

I spent all of last week in Montana for work. While on one had I was excited to get away from the normal day to day stuff. I was going to miss my two favorite people in the world. It turned out to be a long work week for me and I know that it was tough for Jason doing it all alone the whole week. I was so excited to get home on Fri. Jason took the day off from work and he and Ashton came and picked me up from the airport. It was so good to see them again. I swear that Ashton grew while I was gone. I came home and he seemed so grown up. Maybe it was his haircut daddy gave him while I was gone. Who knows I was just so happy to be home again.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

no more snow

I am so ready for the snow to be done and gone. Almost all of the snow was gone from our yard except for a few piles. Now it is snowing again and sticking. After this week of wonderful weather I am definately ready for spring. I am ready to get out the flip flops and short sleeved shirts. I was noticing today that we have bulbs that are coming up already. I am officially done with winter.