Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Light Sabers, Swords, and Scooters

My boys look forward to the early evenings so that the neighbor kid Truman comes home and then they can play.  These days it is all about the guns, light saber, and scooters.  I decided to bring my camera outside and just take pictures of them playing and I got to enjoy the beautiful weather.  I love that my boys have someone so close to our house for them to play with.  They love to play with Truman, and its kind of funny he is right in the middle of my boys ages so he plays great with both of them.

Ashton is still in that stage where he sees a camera he scrunches up his face and says cheese, so most of his smiles are weird and very cheesy!

Now lets roll down the hill

I just sat on the lawn, took pictures of the boys playing and enjoyed the beautiful weather.



 closer, finally a semi smile!

 Hey lets ride our scooters down the grass hill

Monday, May 14, 2012

Grass and Mountains

So one day while I was doing Noah's hair, he said "Mommy my hair looks like grass" this was while I was spiking it up before making it into the faux hawk.  I laughed and told him it did look like grass, so when I made it into the faux hawk he said it looked like a mountain.  I swear this kid is so funny, so now when we do his hair he likes to see it look like grass then the mountain.  Now he has started to be concerned when he mountain falls during the day, when the boys are doing a lot of wrestling or who knows what but his hair does fall during the day.  He will try to fix it, he sticks both hands in his mouth as far as he can and licks them then tries to make his mountain again.  The first time he did it I laughed so hard it was the funniest thing ever, now I can make him do it whenever i want a good laugh. 

One night at dinner he was throwing a fit so I had him try to fix his mountain, he wasn't happy about it but he did it anyways, even though it really didn't need it.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Potty Training

I know I have talked a little about potty training Noah but I need to document this so we have it.  Its been 3 weeks since we started this journey and I think it has finally gotten through to him and we rarely have accidents now.  The first week I kept him in pull ups most of the time, I wasn't in the mood to deal with a lot of laundry so using the pull ups kept my laundry to a minimum.  We had a really rough first week, lots of accidents and no going poop for days then he would poop his pants, I know it can be scary and I was trying my hardest to be patient, but man it was hard.  I spent days asking him about every twenty mins if he needed to go potty, and he usually said no.  But pretty soon he started telling me "Mommy my pee is coming" so we would race to the frog potty.  I have to talk about the two potty's, in anticipation for this we bought Noah his own Thomas the train potty figuring this would be a fun incentive for him, seeings how he loves Thomas, well after using it the first day we tried this he hated sitting on it and didn't want to use it, so out came Ashton's frog potty.  This seemed to be much more comfortable for him to sit on and this is what he wants to use.  Oh well, at least the Thomas potty also doubles as a stool.

By the second week I only had like two pull ups left (they were leftover from when Ashton potty trained) so I figured now was the time to just do the underwear all day. He had been waking up dry for months in diapers so I figured if I was getting rid of the pull ups I was just going to do it all. So we quite using them at night too. He had done great at night no accidents at all till Sunday night he peed the bed and came and woke me up cause he was wet so i got things all cleaned up and out him back to bed. On a different side note the $80 we spent on the water proof mattress cover totally paid for itself, the mattress wasn't even damp!

When he finally went poop in the potty I was hoping he had finally got it but no, the pattern continued, holding it for a day then going in his pants.  He would say "mommy my poop is coming" and we would run to the potty and then he would sit there for a while, nothing would happen.  this would sometimes happen two, three, or four times all right in a row before he would finally go.  But he's finally got it, most of the time he still announces his pee or poop is coming and I have to follow him to the  bathroom, but we aren't having accidents much anymore.  I have to say I am so so happy I am no longer changing diapers.

I took these pictures last week during one of his times he thought his poop was coming, I peeked at him and this is what I found.  It totally makes me laugh.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


So I recently realized that about 95% of my pictures I was taking were on my IPhone and while it is good I am taking pictures in the first place, I need to be more aware and pull out my two other cameras more often. Like I said the IPhone is better than nothing but it just can't compare to the DSLR, or even the little point and shoot I have. So I have been trying to pull out the cameras more often lately, nothing really has been happening I am just taking pictures of our daily lives.

This is the boys computer set up.  Noah will wake up in the morning and want me to go and get on my computer so he can play on his.  Its cute but I think I might be spending a little too much time in front of my computer. 

Ashton called me into the family room, "mom come see me and how cozy I am"  He is such a sweet and cute boy. 

He is such a darling child when he isn't screaming!

After bath time, we are all so happy that Daddy is done with school for the summer and he gets to be home with us.  We are all just soaking up all this time together right now.

I love how at night while we are reading to the boys before bed, in comes Grey to hang out and listen and get some loves from the boys before they head to bed.

Noah wanted to paint so we got out the paints

I was getting ready this  morning and looked in on the boys, they were quietly looking at this book together, scenes like this just make me so happy, I love it when they are getting along and are happy with one another.

"Look mom I am a dinosaur"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


So I signed the boys up for swimming lessons, I was able to get them in different classes at the same time.  So for the next month our Saturday mornings will be spent at the pool, but I can't complain I don't have to get in the pool with them I get to sit by the pool and watch them. 

I was a little nervous about how Noah was going to do, you never know with that child how he is going to react to something but he went right with his little class and seemed to take to his teacher really well.  I think there is something to be said for letting your kids go off with a teacher and not having you involved they seem to do better. 

Ashton has taken swimming before but it has been a while but he did awesome to, I love that they have small classes so the teacher can really work with the kids.  Ashton was a willing participant and was loving the class. 

We ended up seeing our neighbors from across the street there, and the boys were so thrilled to see their friend Truman there.  It is fun to sit and visit while the boys are swimming.