Monday, May 14, 2012

Grass and Mountains

So one day while I was doing Noah's hair, he said "Mommy my hair looks like grass" this was while I was spiking it up before making it into the faux hawk.  I laughed and told him it did look like grass, so when I made it into the faux hawk he said it looked like a mountain.  I swear this kid is so funny, so now when we do his hair he likes to see it look like grass then the mountain.  Now he has started to be concerned when he mountain falls during the day, when the boys are doing a lot of wrestling or who knows what but his hair does fall during the day.  He will try to fix it, he sticks both hands in his mouth as far as he can and licks them then tries to make his mountain again.  The first time he did it I laughed so hard it was the funniest thing ever, now I can make him do it whenever i want a good laugh. 

One night at dinner he was throwing a fit so I had him try to fix his mountain, he wasn't happy about it but he did it anyways, even though it really didn't need it.