Thursday, May 10, 2012


So I recently realized that about 95% of my pictures I was taking were on my IPhone and while it is good I am taking pictures in the first place, I need to be more aware and pull out my two other cameras more often. Like I said the IPhone is better than nothing but it just can't compare to the DSLR, or even the little point and shoot I have. So I have been trying to pull out the cameras more often lately, nothing really has been happening I am just taking pictures of our daily lives.

This is the boys computer set up.  Noah will wake up in the morning and want me to go and get on my computer so he can play on his.  Its cute but I think I might be spending a little too much time in front of my computer. 

Ashton called me into the family room, "mom come see me and how cozy I am"  He is such a sweet and cute boy. 

He is such a darling child when he isn't screaming!

After bath time, we are all so happy that Daddy is done with school for the summer and he gets to be home with us.  We are all just soaking up all this time together right now.

I love how at night while we are reading to the boys before bed, in comes Grey to hang out and listen and get some loves from the boys before they head to bed.

Noah wanted to paint so we got out the paints

I was getting ready this  morning and looked in on the boys, they were quietly looking at this book together, scenes like this just make me so happy, I love it when they are getting along and are happy with one another.

"Look mom I am a dinosaur"


wch said...

How do you have the buckets of coloring things hanging from the wall, like in the first picture? That is a great idea.

jacemace said...

There's a bar that runs across the wall and the buckets hang from the bar. We picked it up at Ikea.