Friday, January 31, 2014

50 Weeks

This week she has spent lots of time working on her walking.  She is getting a little better at being steady and she is walking for longer stretches.  I also noticed this morning that she has another tooth that is popping through her gums.  I think this might be why she has been grumpy the last couple of days.  I also have been trying a new hair style with two little piggies on her head.  I am loving her curls that she has, I hope they stay.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


So like I mentioned before Caitlin is walking.  I was sure she would walk before she was one and sure enough she is.  She started walking Friday and since then she has just gotten better.  She is still pretty wobbly, so we need to work on her balance but she is walking and I have caught her more than once standing up and then she takes off walking across the room to get something.  She usually falls on the way and then crawls the rest of the way but she is getting it.  


Friday, January 24, 2014

49 weeks

So this week, well actually today Caitlin is officially walking.  We have been working with her for a few weeks now, she would take one or two steps then fall down.  She can cruise along furniture like no ones business, but the walking alone she struggled with her balance.  Well today I bribed her with some goldfish crackers and she walked about 5 steps before falling.  I kept doing it over and over and she just kept coming.  When Jason got home I showed him and he was so pleased with his baby girl.  I knew she could walk we just needed to bribe her with the right thing!
This week she also had the worst diaper rash I have had with any of the kids.  She woke up at 5:30 which is so not normal, I let her cry for about 10 mins before deciding she wasn't going to settle back down.  I went to get her and I could smell the poop.  I went and gave her a bottle and when she was done with her bottle I changed her diaper.  She had been in that diarrhea poopy diaper for a while.  Poor thing screamed while I was cleaning her up, and her whole area was bright red all up her front and back.  I covered her in triple paste and then just cuddled her.  She wrapped her arms around me and would not let go.  I climbed back in my bed and we both fell asleep till Ashton woke at 7:30.  Every time I had to change her diaper she just screamed, I hated it I felt so bad.  She was super clingy all day and I could barely put her down.  I ended up trying three different diaper creams to finally give her some relief.  Lets just hope we don't have anymore like that again.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Family pictures

We had family pictures taken in November and once again Korie did a great job.  The boys were very cooperative which was new for this year.  Caitlin by the end was done being happy and cooperative but I guess you can't expect much more from a baby.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Caitlin photos

So back in October I had Angela take some pictures of Caitlin.  I finally remembered to get a CD from her with the edited photos.  I loved how they turned out, even though she was being a stinker that day and did not want to cooperate and was not happy about all the outfit changes.  It is crazy how much she has changed in the few months since these were taken.  These totally capture her personality.

Friday, January 17, 2014

48 weeks

As we are nearing this project  I have to say I am glad it is almost over!  Don't get me wrong this has been fun and I will cherish these pictures but it got a little tough to get these pictures taken every Friday, especially at the end here she doesn't like to cooperate much.  It takes way to many tries to get one decent picture, that is why some weeks I just went with the crying picture or the one with her back side showing, etc.
She is getting closer to walking and then at the same time who knows when she will walk.  She will only do it when she wants to do it.  I caught her yesterday taking a couple steps all on her own, but when I try to get her to she won't, such a stinker this one is.  She loves to climb the stairs every chance she gets, I need to get another gate but just haven't made it to a different target to see if they have one because mine doesn't have the one I want in stock right now.

She is so proud of herself when she sits up.  Then I have to lay her back down and try again, and again, and again.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

11 months

I am in complete shock that Caitlin in going to be 1 in a month.  This last year has gone by way to fast.  She is such a delight to have around.
She sleeps great (except during the day), eats great, can drink from a straw, gets mad if you don't share your food with her, crawls, cruises along furniture, can take a couple steps when she wants to, loves her blanket, is a total mommas girl, crawls up the stairs every chance she gets, wants to play in Ashton's room with the little Lego's.

Just a few outtakes, it took forever to get one decent picture.  Its really tough to get your picture taken!

Then of course there is always trying a new trick like standing up on a rocking chair and trying not to fall down.

Friday, January 10, 2014

47 weeks

I think we have finally gotten back on track with naps.  She takes at least one good one in the morning then one short one in the afternoon which I will take.  the other down side to this new arrangement is that the last hour or so she is awake she is so grouchy.  I am putting her to bed by 6:30 that is the earliest I feel like I can put her down.  She does sleep all night and wakes up at her normal time of 7:00.
 The other thing she has been weird about the last couple of weeks is drinking her bottles.  She was drinking 8 oz a feeding now she is barely drinking 6oz a feeding.  I'm not sure what the reasoning is I haven't had a baby do this before.
 She has been weird about her baths this week too, crying the whole time she is in the tub.  I finally figured out she didn't like being in the tub when the water was running.  So I have to make sure I have it off before I put her in it.  

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ashton gets glasses

I guess I should apologize to all of my children now.  Between me and Jason I think they are all doomed to have to wear glasses at some point in their lives, I just didn't think it was going to happen so soon.  

Ashton was sent home a note from school a while ago from a vision test they did at the school and it recommended that we take him to an eye Dr for a check up.  I kind of forgot all about that until I took him in for his yearly wellness check and he wasn't doing so good on his vision test.  The Dr also recommended we take him to see a Dr and since I was there I realized they were right.  It still took me a month to make the appointment for him.  I asked how he was seeing school and he seemed to be fine with it cause he was on the second row so he could see great.  
Turns out he needed glasses, he is near sighted just like both Jason and I.  It was really strange for me to be sitting in an eye Dr office and not be the one in the chair.  I spent so much time at the eye Dr when I was growing up it brought back many memories.  I let him pick out his glasses, he tried a bunch on, there were a couple I loved but he didn't like at all.  He found a pair he liked and was set on them, I decided that he has to be happy with the glasses he chooses, he is the one that has to wear them so I let him have the ones of his choice.  

He was so excited for his glasses, he asked everyday when they were going to be here, he wanted to wear them right now.  I was actually surprised how quickly they came.  We ordered them on Friday and we went and picked them up Monday night.  Funny thing is now Noah is insisting that he can't see and he needs glasses.  He was mad at me because I wouldn't buy him glasses.  I know for a fact his eye sight is just fine, I was at his wellness check a month ago and he could read every line just fine.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

46 Weeks

Caitlin came down with the cold, flu whatever it was that the boys have had.  I took, Noah to the Dr cause his cough was so awful and she said it was viral and there was nothing to do about it.  I had Caitlin with me and had her check her out and she was fine, or so she said.  The next day Caitlin came down with a fever and she was miserable for the next couple of days.  She fell asleep on Jason's chest one afternoon while he was playing tribes, she rarely falls asleep on people.  She spent a lot of time just chilling on daddy's chest which made him a pretty happy camper. 

She is still fighting naps and doesn't sleep great during the day, but is ready for bed by 6:30 and sleeps till 7-7:30 the next morning.  She is still not loving baby food, she wants what we eat.  Jason let her have some of his unsweetened iced tea and she loved it (gross, I guess she is a daddy's girl after all)
She has mastered using a straw, she loves to drink from our cups with or without a straw.