Friday, January 17, 2014

48 weeks

As we are nearing this project  I have to say I am glad it is almost over!  Don't get me wrong this has been fun and I will cherish these pictures but it got a little tough to get these pictures taken every Friday, especially at the end here she doesn't like to cooperate much.  It takes way to many tries to get one decent picture, that is why some weeks I just went with the crying picture or the one with her back side showing, etc.
She is getting closer to walking and then at the same time who knows when she will walk.  She will only do it when she wants to do it.  I caught her yesterday taking a couple steps all on her own, but when I try to get her to she won't, such a stinker this one is.  She loves to climb the stairs every chance she gets, I need to get another gate but just haven't made it to a different target to see if they have one because mine doesn't have the one I want in stock right now.

She is so proud of herself when she sits up.  Then I have to lay her back down and try again, and again, and again.