Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ashton gets glasses

I guess I should apologize to all of my children now.  Between me and Jason I think they are all doomed to have to wear glasses at some point in their lives, I just didn't think it was going to happen so soon.  

Ashton was sent home a note from school a while ago from a vision test they did at the school and it recommended that we take him to an eye Dr for a check up.  I kind of forgot all about that until I took him in for his yearly wellness check and he wasn't doing so good on his vision test.  The Dr also recommended we take him to see a Dr and since I was there I realized they were right.  It still took me a month to make the appointment for him.  I asked how he was seeing school and he seemed to be fine with it cause he was on the second row so he could see great.  
Turns out he needed glasses, he is near sighted just like both Jason and I.  It was really strange for me to be sitting in an eye Dr office and not be the one in the chair.  I spent so much time at the eye Dr when I was growing up it brought back many memories.  I let him pick out his glasses, he tried a bunch on, there were a couple I loved but he didn't like at all.  He found a pair he liked and was set on them, I decided that he has to be happy with the glasses he chooses, he is the one that has to wear them so I let him have the ones of his choice.  

He was so excited for his glasses, he asked everyday when they were going to be here, he wanted to wear them right now.  I was actually surprised how quickly they came.  We ordered them on Friday and we went and picked them up Monday night.  Funny thing is now Noah is insisting that he can't see and he needs glasses.  He was mad at me because I wouldn't buy him glasses.  I know for a fact his eye sight is just fine, I was at his wellness check a month ago and he could read every line just fine.