Wednesday, January 15, 2014

11 months

I am in complete shock that Caitlin in going to be 1 in a month.  This last year has gone by way to fast.  She is such a delight to have around.
She sleeps great (except during the day), eats great, can drink from a straw, gets mad if you don't share your food with her, crawls, cruises along furniture, can take a couple steps when she wants to, loves her blanket, is a total mommas girl, crawls up the stairs every chance she gets, wants to play in Ashton's room with the little Lego's.

Just a few outtakes, it took forever to get one decent picture.  Its really tough to get your picture taken!

Then of course there is always trying a new trick like standing up on a rocking chair and trying not to fall down.