Friday, January 10, 2014

47 weeks

I think we have finally gotten back on track with naps.  She takes at least one good one in the morning then one short one in the afternoon which I will take.  the other down side to this new arrangement is that the last hour or so she is awake she is so grouchy.  I am putting her to bed by 6:30 that is the earliest I feel like I can put her down.  She does sleep all night and wakes up at her normal time of 7:00.
 The other thing she has been weird about the last couple of weeks is drinking her bottles.  She was drinking 8 oz a feeding now she is barely drinking 6oz a feeding.  I'm not sure what the reasoning is I haven't had a baby do this before.
 She has been weird about her baths this week too, crying the whole time she is in the tub.  I finally figured out she didn't like being in the tub when the water was running.  So I have to make sure I have it off before I put her in it.