Tuesday, June 25, 2013


So the boys love playing with Lego's they have for quite a while, but lately they have been playing with them a lot more often.  I walked around my house today and there were seriously piles of them in almost every room in the house.  They have even pulled out the Duplo ones and have been building with them along with the regular Lego's and the Bionicles.

I keep getting after them because Caitlin is almost to the age of moving around and if she were to get one of the small Lego's in her mouth she could choke.  So they need to get in the habit of keeping them in the playroom. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

18 weeks

So another week has flown by, if I could stop time and make her stop growing I so would.  She is such a delight these days.  She smiles and laughs most of the time.  She is happiest when she is being held, or in some ones sight.  She does not like it when she is left in a room alone, and believe me she knows when she is alone.  She rolls over all the time now, without fail I will put her down and she is on her stomach almost immediately.  She has been a little fussier this last week, I checked to see if she might be teething but there isn't anything coming through yet.  I also have a bad feeling about her being my child who doesn't like the car.  Last week we left dad's house and she was screaming and I realized she was an hour past eating so we stopped at mom's house to feed her.  I fed her and we went on our way, once again she started screaming and didn't stop till 5300 south.  I couldn't take it any more and I had to stop, I checked for a dirty diaper, to see if she had a burp, or if something was pinching her, nothing.  So we finally rigged up my Ipad with a baby Einstein and she was happy as can be the rest of the way home.  So we might need to invest in a DVD player for her headrest that she can watch, I can not have a screaming child in the car, we spend a lot of time in the car. 

I love the look on her face in this photo, she is concentrating so hard on keeping a hold of that foot.


She has discovered her feet, it is so cute watching her try to grab them and hold on.  She is rolling over all the time now.  I think our weekly photo shoots are going to be a little trickier from here on out.  I put her on her back and she will immediately roll onto her stomach.

I decided to brave the water park this week with all the kids.  We are trying to get good use out of our pass of all passes.  Caitlin was a perfect angel she was happy being held by me and kind of splashing in the water.  The boys were in heaven the only thing that would of made it better was if they could of gone on some of the bigger slides and the lazy river.  I told them next time we will go with daddy and he can help and we can do some of the other things. 

After we left seven peaks we stopped to see my mom at work to visit for a few mins, then we went to see my grandma it was her 96th birthday. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the boys

So my boys get so riled up whenever they are around their uncles.  My brothers have been rough with them from the start, now when ever they see them it turns into one big wrestling match, Sunday was no exception.  We were at dad's house for Father's day and I look over at Aaron at one point he had both of my boys on him and Ashton was farting on him and thinking it was the funniest thing ever. 

What was really funny was Gage was watching all of this going on and you know he wanted in on the action but also not sure how to go about getting involved.  I'm sure by next year when he is a little bigger he will be right in the middle of it all with all the boys. Then of course there is Krew, who I am sure won't have any problems keeping up with the rest of them. Little Caitlin is going to have to be a little firecracker to keep up with all these boys in the family.

I tried to get a good picture of all the boys in the pool, but no one would cooperate all at the same time.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Stuff Ashton says/ Stuff Noah says

I saw this idea recently and thought what a wonderful idea to capture some of these things that my kids are saying right now. 

Ashton (age 6 end of kindergarten):

I am the boss of me ( I really hate it when he tells me this)
Noah I'm not playing with you ever again (yelling this when Noah is being mean)
you get what you get and don't throw a fit (have no idea where he learned this one from)
I'm not listening to you anymore (with his hands covering his ears)

Noah (age 4 end of 1st year of pre school)
Nooooo (really drawn out)
Yessssss (really drawn out also)
he calls Caitlin, Caitwin
he says memonlade for lemonade
I hate you mommy (yes I already get this one)
Your the worst mommy ever (again get this one, it is so awesome)
I will miss you mommy (when I ask if he wants to go sleep at grandma's house.  He is majorly attached to me these days.  He even throws a fit for Jason if he has to put the boys to bed because I am not home, good thing that doesn't happen very often)
He switches back and forth between calling me momma and mommy
Mom, I pooped (yelling this from whatever bathroom he is in.  I know I need to teach him how to do this but I can't stand the mess he makes with it so it is easier for me to just do it for him)

Monday, June 17, 2013

17 weeks

She is officially 4 months (well she was on the 15th) I can't believe 4 months have gone by so quickly.  It is happy and sad at the same time I love how much she interacts with us with the laughing and smiling, but also sad to know this is the last time that I am going to experience any of this baby stuff.  She is still sleeping like a champ, we have a good routine with short cat naps in the morning and then a good long nap in the afternoon.  She LOVES her big brother Ashton, she seriously lights up when he interacts with her, he can get her to laugh and smile it is so cute.  We were grocery shopping the other day and she was being a little fussy so she was talking to her and making her laugh it was the cutest thing.  Then on the way home she was fussing in the car and I had him talk to her again to keep her happy till we got home (his seat is right behind her so she can see him really well) He had her laughing in no time.   It was the cutest thing to hear her laughing. 

She loves to suck on her fingers these days, I find her with her fingers in her mouth most of the time, and if I can't see them then I hear her sucking on them.  I still swaddle her at night when she goes to bed, but most mornings when she wakes up she has busted out sometimes one arm other times two arms.  She doesn't seem to interested in rolling over she gets up on her side then rolls back.  She had her 4 month check up today, she weighted 15lbs 13 oz and was 26 inches long.  So that makes her in the 90% for weight and 96% for height, she is one healthy rollie pollie baby girl.  I am seriously so in love with her, I can't imagine my life without her.  She completes our family in so many ways. 

I know I am taking weekly photos of her, but I still love the ones with the teddy bear  too, I think it is because I have done it with the boys too.  Oh all her arm rolls just kill me, I love them!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day to an amazing father to our three children.  They are so very lucky to have such wonderful daddy, and I can't imagine anyone else that I would want to have these three kids with!

 So young and unsure how this whole parenting thing is going to go.

A little more sure about what to expect the second time around.

By the third time around, he is a pro at the loving parent roll. 

I have also been blessed to have not one, but two dad's who are both supportive, wonderful, loving and all together great men in my life.  Not to mention how amazing they are to my children.

I was searching for a picture of me and my dad I couldn't find one, but one with Ashton I guess is just as good, seeings how he is wonderful to his grandkids too!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 13

I was going to take the kids to McDonald's for breakfast this morning, I figured it would feed them and also let them play and  get some energy out, just as I was leaving Korie called and asked if we wanted to go there for lunch.  So I came back home and we went for lunch instead, I picked up salads for me and Korie at CafĂ© Rio and I got the boys happy meals.  Going out to eat this way is the best way with kids, I get something yummy and the kids are happy and get to play and Korie and I get to have adult conversation while the kids play.  I never got a pic of the boys playing but I did grab one of Caitlin while she was sleeping, oh how I love this little baby girl she is such an awesome baby.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bumbo time

Caitlin is liking the bumbo a lot more these days, I love how she curls her toes while sitting in it.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

a picture a day this summer

So my friend Korie came up with a challenge for the both of us to take a picture a day this summer.  So we will document what is happening this summer.  I thought why not I am going to play along with this, I am pretty good about taking pictures but I think this may help me take more pictures of our day to day lives this summer.  I am going to try to blog the picture every day, but we will see how well I keep up with that!

This is the first time in weeks that the boys have stayed home and haven't been playing all day with all the neighbor kids.  I have to admit as much as I love it that they have so many friends to play with it has been kind of nice just having them home chilling with me.  I did take them to the splash park earlier this morning so they did get to play with Nate and Ben for a while.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Kindergarten graduation

So Ashton had his kindergarten graduation today, my mom was able to come and Jason came from work.  We all met in the auditorium and they said the pledge of allegiance and then recited some poems that they had memorized and we then headed back to their class.  It was kind of short and not much happened, I was a little disappointed but oh well.  Ashton has had so much fun this year with school, and learned a ton.  I am so proud of him and can't wait to have the summer to play and have fun. 

He was part of a huge kindergarten class, they had 107 students in kindergarten this year it is the biggest class size this school has ever had.

Noah of course didn't want to be there so I guess it was a good thing it was short.

I was so happy Jason was able to get away from work and be there for Ashton, but then I also felt a little bad when it was so short, oh well at least Ashton was happy to have daddy there.  (look at those arms!)

 Proud daddy taking a picture, of him by his desk

Ashton and his teacher Mrs Scow, he did not want to have his picture taken he was being really shy.  I made him go and stand by her, but what a good boy he did and even smiled for me.

My mom was able to come and Ashton was thrilled about that, he loves his grandma.  But who wouldn't with an awesome grandma like her.

I can't believe how big Ashton is, it seems like just yesterday I had him and here he is starting 1st grade in the fall.  I am both thrilled and sad about this all at the same time.

Later that afternoon I thought the boys would like it if I blew up the pool for them and all their friends.  Of course they were thrilled with that, all though it didn't take long before they were all starving and needed a snack.  I love our new neighborhood, it is full of so many kids and I love that my boys have so many kids to play with.  It can get a little overwhelming at times (like a few days ago when there were 10 boys inside the house playing)  but I also wouldn't trade it for anything.

Friday, June 7, 2013

16 weeks

New highlights this week:  Not much has changed she is still an amazing baby.  Sleeps all night has one good afternoon nap for any where from 3-4 hours, and morning naps are a little shorter and more sporadic due to us usually running errands.  She is pretty happy most of the time when you lay her on the floor to play on her play mat, she loved to look at all the toys, she has started grabbing for things and tries to get them to her mouth.  She has started to suck on her hands and fingers, and she is drooling some.  So I wonder if she might be cutting teeth? I hope not.  I was able to make her laugh a few times it is pretty fun to listen to.

I couldn't resist the crying picture it was too cute not to use, but no worries she was all smiles a few pictures later.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Noah Pre school graduation

So its that time of the year, school is ending and summer is right around the corner.  Noah has loved going to "brown house" as he has called preschool this year.  It has been good for everyone having him there, I was able to have a couple of hours to myself while both boys were in school.  Once we moved and Ashton switched to afternoon kindergarten Noah's teacher let Ashton come whenever he wanted and she didn't charge me for it.  At first Noah was not having it but he let him come sometimes.  It also helped me out sometimes when I had appointments or whatever, then when Caitlin came it was nice to have a little bit of down time again. 

Things Noah learned in preschool, was writing his name, some sign language, his alphabet and I am sure some more things that I don't know about because he doesn't like to perform on command. 

So for Noah's preschool graduation they had a little program consisting of some poems, some sign language and a few songs.  Of course Noah didn't participate in anything, he did stand with all the kids but stand was all he did.  He does clam up when he is uncomfortable and with all the parents there watching he was totally out of his element.  Ashton on the other hand since he has been going knew all of the songs and poems, and while he wasn't up there with all the kids he was sitting in the front and I could hear him along with all of the other kids which I thought was pretty cute.

Noah on the first day of preschool

Noah on the last day of preschool, I tried to get a picture of him and Mrs Gail but he wasn't having any of that


Mrs Gail and most of the class

Noah getting his hat, I actually missed this I was outside with Caitlin, she was super fussy and I didn't want any one to get annoyed with her so I stepped outside.  Another mom took this for me so I was grateful to her for that. 

I love the look on Noah's face

I am so looking forward to the summer, it will be nice to be free from schedules.  I am not sure what we are going to be doing this next year.  There are a few pre schools in our neighborhood that I am going to be looking into.