Friday, June 7, 2013

16 weeks

New highlights this week:  Not much has changed she is still an amazing baby.  Sleeps all night has one good afternoon nap for any where from 3-4 hours, and morning naps are a little shorter and more sporadic due to us usually running errands.  She is pretty happy most of the time when you lay her on the floor to play on her play mat, she loved to look at all the toys, she has started grabbing for things and tries to get them to her mouth.  She has started to suck on her hands and fingers, and she is drooling some.  So I wonder if she might be cutting teeth? I hope not.  I was able to make her laugh a few times it is pretty fun to listen to.

I couldn't resist the crying picture it was too cute not to use, but no worries she was all smiles a few pictures later.