Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Stuff Ashton says/ Stuff Noah says

I saw this idea recently and thought what a wonderful idea to capture some of these things that my kids are saying right now. 

Ashton (age 6 end of kindergarten):

I am the boss of me ( I really hate it when he tells me this)
Noah I'm not playing with you ever again (yelling this when Noah is being mean)
you get what you get and don't throw a fit (have no idea where he learned this one from)
I'm not listening to you anymore (with his hands covering his ears)

Noah (age 4 end of 1st year of pre school)
Nooooo (really drawn out)
Yessssss (really drawn out also)
he calls Caitlin, Caitwin
he says memonlade for lemonade
I hate you mommy (yes I already get this one)
Your the worst mommy ever (again get this one, it is so awesome)
I will miss you mommy (when I ask if he wants to go sleep at grandma's house.  He is majorly attached to me these days.  He even throws a fit for Jason if he has to put the boys to bed because I am not home, good thing that doesn't happen very often)
He switches back and forth between calling me momma and mommy
Mom, I pooped (yelling this from whatever bathroom he is in.  I know I need to teach him how to do this but I can't stand the mess he makes with it so it is easier for me to just do it for him)