Saturday, October 31, 2009


We had an awesome Halloween this year. The weather was perfect, I loved having Halloween on a Saturday this year. With my mom having surgery last week I knew she would not be coming to see the boys and I knew she would be sad to miss them in there costumes. So we went and saw her, then we made a stop at Dad and Val's house. Which was fun for us and I hope also for the grandparents.

We timed it just right so we got home in time for some dinner and then trick or treating around the neighborhood(when I say neighborhood it was really only a handful of houses) I am sure as Ashton and Noah get older we won't be able to get away with only going to a few houses.
We stopped and got dinner at Spanky's for Jason and I, and they were doing trick or treating at all the stores in the square, so we went to about half of them.

Ashton had so much fun this year, he loved being in his costume and getting treats. He isn't a huge candy kid, which I love, but one down fall to that is that Jason and I have to eat the candy instead. Although he does have some favorites such as: suckers, m&m's, sweetarts, sour patch kids.

Noah was so cute walking around in his costume. He only barely tolerated his hat some of the times, but he was still cute without it on.

Our pumpkins that we carved the Sunday before Halloween, actually made it and didn't look to bad.

Alphagraphics Halloween party

Jason's office had a Halloween party yesterday afternoon. When I asked Ashton of he wanted to go to Daddy's work and put on his dinosaur costume he got really excited and couldn't wait to go.
Both boys were dinosaurs this year and in my opinion they were so stinking cute. Ashton would roar and stomp his feet like a dinosaur.

We had fun they had food and some activities(although Ashton did not want to do any of them) all he was interested in was going around trick or treating and getting treats. While we were trick or treating Ashton kept asking where Tater was he wanted to be trick or treating with Tator. It is so cute how he loves having friends around. Tator's costume was awesome Amber is so creative. I always take the easy way out and buy the boys costumes.
Nate was like really mom do I really have to wear this !!
Ashton had a lot of fun, now he was patiently waiting for Dad to stop talking so he could go home. He wanted to go home in Daddy's car.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This is what happens when mommy is sick

I have been sick all week long, I have had no energy to do anything, I did make it to Costco on Tuesday but only because we were in desperate need of diapers. The boys have been destroying the house and watching lots of movies during the day while I lay on the couch.

I had better feel better by Saturday I am not missing out on Halloween and trick or treating, I have been working with Ashton teaching him to say trick or treat.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Family Halloween party

We had a family Halloween party at Mom and Myron's house yesterday and we had a blast. We carved pumpkins and had a contest judging them. Then we had a yummy dinner of soups and salads. It was a fun afternoon evening.

Here are some of the finished pumpkins, we had first, second, and third place. Carlie took first, I didn't get a picture of her pumpkin though, Jason took second his was the big one in the middle, I took third mine was to the right of Jason's.

Ashton was so excited Uncle Leland gave him a can of root beer, and he drank the whole can

Jamie decided to take a little dare and she was chewing 6 pieces of eyeball bubble gum, my jaw was hurting watching her trying to chew it.

Leland decided to get into the action also so he put 7 or was it 8 pieces I can't remember. I tried to chew one piece and only was able to do it for a couple of minutes. I can't believe that had so many in their mouths.
Carlie and Cory were watching as Leland was chewing his gum.


Noah has been officially walking since last Monday. It is so cute to watch him walk he holds both hands up in the air for balance. I still can't believe he is getting so big, he is doing things a lot faster than Ashton did, I am attributing that to the fact that he has Ashton to look up to and he wants to be doing what Ashton is doing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin patch

I love the Fall, I get so excited to decorate for the holidays and I love the cooler weather. By this time of the year I am sick of my spring and summer clothes and I am ready to pull out the fall stuff again.
We have been going to the same pumpkin patch for the last 3 years now, and every year is a little different. Last year we got there and quickly had to leave, because of all the mosquitoes they were eating us alive. Jason and I didn't even get pumpkins, because we were in such a hurray to leave. Well this year, we didn't have the bug problem, but all the pumpkins were still really green. We had a hard time finding pumpkins that weren't green. But we did all end up finding a pumpkin. I tried to get some cute pictures of the boys, but they just don't like smiling at the same time.

I loved this one of Noah, if you look closely you can see a little drool hanging off his chin.
This is how the took the boys around the pumpkin patch. (Note to driver of the cart don't let go of the handle when two little boys are sitting in the back of the wagon it will tip over. We did this not only once but twice, aren't we good parents)

Along with cooler weather comes the sickness. This last week and a half has not been the best, Noah got sick Sunday last week and by Wednesday I had to take him to the Dr. He had croup, at least he wasn't totally ornery, he just wanted to be held all the time. Ashton got sick the next Sunday and had a fever for two days. Then on Monday Jason called me and he was being taken to insta-care by a co worker because he thought he might have kidney stones, and sure enough he did. Thankfully he passed the stone early Tuesday morning. He says now he just feels like he was beat up he hurts all over. I am praying that I do not get sick, because if I were to get sick there would be no one to take care of this family.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

feeling crafty

I have been feeling crafty lately so I have been making a few things for the house. I bought this fall kit to make a wall hanging a couple of weeks ago. I finally finished it this week after getting some pictures this weekend that would work. I think it turned out really cute.

I decided to break out the vinyl that I have had forever. This one was for Halloween, and I plan on changing them out for the different seasons. I have a fall one with leaves, and a snowflake one almost done. I think it will be a fun addition to my holiday decorations, because it will have a permanent home on the wall. I am just going to change the picture accordingly.

On a different note, My poor little Noah has croup, poor little guy I feel so bad for him. I hate it when my kids get sick it makes me feel helpless because I can't take the pain away for them. When I was leaving the Dr. office today she said, I can expect for Ashton to get this also. I sure hope she is wrong I don't want to deal with Ashton having this also.