Saturday, October 31, 2009

Alphagraphics Halloween party

Jason's office had a Halloween party yesterday afternoon. When I asked Ashton of he wanted to go to Daddy's work and put on his dinosaur costume he got really excited and couldn't wait to go.
Both boys were dinosaurs this year and in my opinion they were so stinking cute. Ashton would roar and stomp his feet like a dinosaur.

We had fun they had food and some activities(although Ashton did not want to do any of them) all he was interested in was going around trick or treating and getting treats. While we were trick or treating Ashton kept asking where Tater was he wanted to be trick or treating with Tator. It is so cute how he loves having friends around. Tator's costume was awesome Amber is so creative. I always take the easy way out and buy the boys costumes.
Nate was like really mom do I really have to wear this !!
Ashton had a lot of fun, now he was patiently waiting for Dad to stop talking so he could go home. He wanted to go home in Daddy's car.