Saturday, October 31, 2009


We had an awesome Halloween this year. The weather was perfect, I loved having Halloween on a Saturday this year. With my mom having surgery last week I knew she would not be coming to see the boys and I knew she would be sad to miss them in there costumes. So we went and saw her, then we made a stop at Dad and Val's house. Which was fun for us and I hope also for the grandparents.

We timed it just right so we got home in time for some dinner and then trick or treating around the neighborhood(when I say neighborhood it was really only a handful of houses) I am sure as Ashton and Noah get older we won't be able to get away with only going to a few houses.
We stopped and got dinner at Spanky's for Jason and I, and they were doing trick or treating at all the stores in the square, so we went to about half of them.

Ashton had so much fun this year, he loved being in his costume and getting treats. He isn't a huge candy kid, which I love, but one down fall to that is that Jason and I have to eat the candy instead. Although he does have some favorites such as: suckers, m&m's, sweetarts, sour patch kids.

Noah was so cute walking around in his costume. He only barely tolerated his hat some of the times, but he was still cute without it on.

Our pumpkins that we carved the Sunday before Halloween, actually made it and didn't look to bad.


Topher, Natalie, Macie, and "The Brand New" Hazel said...

Those are awsome pictures. I can't believe you went to THE SQUARE and didn't CROSS THE STREET to visit us!
I will forgive you, cute costumes!

Lisa said...

those are some SUPER CUTE trickORtreaters you have there! Noah is so big now! - - -well - so is Ashton!