Wednesday, October 7, 2009

feeling crafty

I have been feeling crafty lately so I have been making a few things for the house. I bought this fall kit to make a wall hanging a couple of weeks ago. I finally finished it this week after getting some pictures this weekend that would work. I think it turned out really cute.

I decided to break out the vinyl that I have had forever. This one was for Halloween, and I plan on changing them out for the different seasons. I have a fall one with leaves, and a snowflake one almost done. I think it will be a fun addition to my holiday decorations, because it will have a permanent home on the wall. I am just going to change the picture accordingly.

On a different note, My poor little Noah has croup, poor little guy I feel so bad for him. I hate it when my kids get sick it makes me feel helpless because I can't take the pain away for them. When I was leaving the Dr. office today she said, I can expect for Ashton to get this also. I sure hope she is wrong I don't want to deal with Ashton having this also.


Kevin and Amber said...

So cute do want to come over and do one for me now?? :) That sad that Noah is sick it's hard when they are that small and that sick.

klynnphotography said...

You are always so crafty!! I hate you ... actually I like that you make me finish things (my fall thing is still not up) grrr!!

klynnphotography said...

how sick is Noah?? my kids have had a cold this week, but nothing terrible. I hope he's doing better. Talk to you soon

Topher, Natalie, Macie, and "The Brand New" Hazel said...

Crap! My girls are sick too, but the Dr didn't diagnose it as anything but a cold. It sucks, good luck!

SOOOOOOOOOO cute, I want to do one too!!! What do you say? Craft night at Kara's house?