Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here I go again

I do realize that if I would just blog more often I would not have to do any catching up, but oh well.
Our neighbor invited us to go the the Discovery Children's museum with them, we haven't been yet so I though it would be fun. Ashton loved it he had so much fun, I think that it is something we may need to look into getting a pass for, it would be a great wintertime activity.

They had a helicopter outside on the patio, Ashton was in heaven he did not want to leave.

We went to dinner at Pat's BBQ for the twins 30th birthday, the first thing I noticed when they got there was the fact that they were wearing matching outfits. I just had to laugh and take a picture. Aaron was not happy about the matching outfits, he said he is now going to keep an extra shirt in his car from now on so this won't ever happen again.

I have been needing to take the boys in for haircuts for a while now, but I have been dreading it. Ashton screams the whole time like he is being murdered, and I knew Noah would not like holding still. So Jason (who likes to think he is a professional ) said he would cut their hair, and I decided to let him. He did Ashton's first, we put him in the high chair, put a movie on and gave him a Popsicle. That kind of worked but he was still using his free hand to swat Jason away from his head, so we gave him two Popsicles so both hands were occupied. He actually did pretty good that way. And Jason did a pretty decent job, there are a few areas that aren't perfect, but then when I take him for a hair cut they never get it perfect anyways with him screaming and me having to hold him down so they can cut his hair.

Ashton after the haircut. He still won't sit still when I do his hair, it usually consists of me chasing him around the house trying to do it. So it is a little messy, but looks much better.

Noah before his haircut

Then it was Noah's turn he did not want to be in the high chair and was crying so we put him in the kitchen sink and that seemed to do the trick, although it wasn't a good idea to do this during nap time so Jason had to hurry, but it looks much better than it did before.

After the haircut and a bath, in the sink to get all the hair off him.

last night we headed up Farmington canyon to meet some friends and have dinner. It was a spur of the moment thing and it was so much fun. The last 4 miles before we got to the campground was this tiny dirt road with lots of switchbacks and a huge drop off and no railings. I was doing just fine driving, until Jason said " one wrong move and we are all dead", to which I replied "thanks for reminding me of that honey, and if I didn't need both of my hands right now I would hit you". That is just not something you say to your wife while she is driving. We made it safely, and had a great time. The boys were so dirty when we got home, but they were both so tired, I just quickly wiped them down, and they got baths this morning.


Topher, Natalie, Macie, and "The Brand New" Hazel said...

Cute pictures, I love the hair cuts, that is hilarious!
Going up the canyon was fun, we will do it again when it gets warm... NEXT SPRING, the count down in ON!

Kevin and Amber said...

That picture of Ashton with two Popsicles kills me.

klynnphotography said...

I'm so trying the two treats for each hand thing. Jason's a pro ... look at that concentration

Ariana said...

Love the haircut in the sink! haha And the two fisted treat distraction is GENIUS. Luckily for me, I've been cutting Preston's hair pretty much every month since he was 1, so he's fine with it. His is easy buzz buzz, a little tidying, and we're good. It usually takes 1 episode of Curious George. :)