Friday, September 18, 2009

what's been going on around here

There has been a ton I have wanted to blog about lately, so I am just going to sum it all up.

Jason is back in school, and so far this is going to be a rough semester. He has to do homework every night until midnight or later. He was reading business law, it must of been really interesting.

Over labor day weekend Mom and Myron took Ashton to Moon Lake so we just had Noah for the weekend. It was so fun to just have him, he got lots of undivided attention, and I know Ashton was loving being with grandma and grandpa. We also spent that weekend finishing the patio and the side of the house.
We aren't 100% done we still need to put up the two arbors and plants we want to hide the garbage cans. But I am proud of us for getting it done finally

Dad retired from the State Hospital after working for the state for 33 years. They had a lunch and a roast. Dad was a good sport about being the center of attention, that is not something he usually enjoys. You can't tell in the picture, but his outfit was pretty funny. He was wearing the tuxedo jacket and shirt, basketball shorts, white socks and brown shoes. It was quite the outfit.

Val's parents and two of her girls Lindsay,and Leslie

We a BBQ for Val's 50th birthday. It was a great night until the end when the mosquito's came out and ate me alive. I was a little stupid I even had bug spray in the diaper bag with me but didn't think about it till it was to late.

I tried a new recipe, it was a chocolate cupcake with a caramel in the center, and cream cheese frosting.

Noah has said his first, well at least I am counting it as his first word, he said mama. I was quite excited about that. He has also finally figured out how to go down the stairs as of this morning, I still need to work with him on how to turn around at the top of the stairs to go down them, but he can go down them now. Noah loves to follow Ashton around, and Ash loves to entertain Noah most of the time. It is fun to watch them together.


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