Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have always loved cats. I had them growing up, and when I graduated from high school one of my gifts was a kitten. It was a sad day when I moved away from home and Tiger had to stay behind. He ignored me for a long time, he was mad I left him behind. I did leave him in good hands though mom and Myron spoil him more than I ever did, and that's saying a lot, I took good care of him. Anyways fast forward many years, and what comes into my life besides an awesome man, his FIVE cats, yes that is right five cats. It is a lot I know but it really isn't much harder taking care of five cats than it is one cat.

Please ignore the unmade bed, but it is rare to see this many of them so close together. They lead such a rough life don't they!

I love each and every one of them, they are all so different. Jason makes fun of me and how I worry about them all the time. Like at night I can't go to sleep unless I know they are all inside and safe. I can tell when they are hungrey, they will all sit on the steps waiting for me to come and feed them, or when they all sit in the bathtub and want me to turn on the water for them. Yes I am a sucker.

She is one of the oldest and her and Torte are actually sisters. Jason got both of them when they were kittens. Noni is like our clock, she comes and finds us when it is time to go to bed, she will meow and head to the bedroom. She is also the most skittish. She doesn't like to go outside very often, and if she does she doesn't go very far.

She is the biggest of them all, she is like a big fluff ball. She likes to hiss at white dot, when ever they get to close. She gets really annoying when she wants attention, she whines until you have given her enough attention. I love how she looks after she has her lion haircut.

She is like a grouchy old lady. She even sounds like a old cat, with her broken meower. She is a perfect lap cat, she loves to sleep with the boys, I don't like her sleeping with the baby, but I do let her sleep with Ashton. She also has this annoying habit of jumping up on my scrapbook table while I am in the middle of working. It is a good thing she is declawed, she loves to scratch on the couch, and still does it all the time, but with no claws it doesn't matter. Torte is also our most expensive cat, before Jason and I got married she had swallowed a rubber grommit and it got stuck in her intestines. She had to have surgery and have it taken out. They told us she had about a 50% chance of making it. Well $1000 later here she is. So she had better live a long life to make up for it :)

White dot:
She is the most unsocial cat we have, she pretty much keeps to herself unless she wants to be rubbed. As you can see she will jump into drawers if they are left open, needless to say I don't leave drawers open anymore. She is also one that wants to be friends with all the cats. Her and Grey play all the time, which I think is fun until they get fur all over the carpet. It usually is right after I have vacuumed.

Last but not least is Grey,she is my favorite even though she is the most destructive. I hate that she claws at the carpet, it is really annoying. And she can be pretty annoying with her meowing sometimes, but she is the most social and she is so tiny, she looks like a kitten still. She is the little princess around here. Everyone who comes in contact with her loves her, it is hard not to. She loves jump up on our laps or our chests while we are watching TV.