Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Light Sabers, Swords, and Scooters

My boys look forward to the early evenings so that the neighbor kid Truman comes home and then they can play.  These days it is all about the guns, light saber, and scooters.  I decided to bring my camera outside and just take pictures of them playing and I got to enjoy the beautiful weather.  I love that my boys have someone so close to our house for them to play with.  They love to play with Truman, and its kind of funny he is right in the middle of my boys ages so he plays great with both of them.

Ashton is still in that stage where he sees a camera he scrunches up his face and says cheese, so most of his smiles are weird and very cheesy!

Now lets roll down the hill

I just sat on the lawn, took pictures of the boys playing and enjoyed the beautiful weather.



 closer, finally a semi smile!

 Hey lets ride our scooters down the grass hill