Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New windows

So a couple of weeks ago we had new windows installed in the kitchen.  We need new windows in the whole house, but we will have to do it a few at a time I am afraid.  Those things are pricey.  The before picture doesn't even do justice to how bad the windows were, the big one had a huge crack in it, and you could hardly see out of it because it was so cloudy.  The contractor canceled on me once that week because of the rain, so when it was still raining two days later I was shocked when he showed up. 

We are loving the new windows, we haven't wanted to put the blinds back up because the windows are so pretty we don't want to cover them up, silly I know but we paid enough for them we should be able to enjoy them right?  I was looking today and I think that maybe some roman shades might be perfect in there.

We also framed out Ashton's window a few weeks ago and I am loving how it has turned out I can't wait to do Noah's room and the family room.  We finally found some curtains that we like, it took going to pottery barn kids twice to return curtains we didn't like after getting them home but I am thrilled with how it is looking. 


Korie Bellamy Photography said...

I want to see the curtains:) those windows look amazing. call me over when you frame the other windows because that is what I want to do in my kitchen.